jackie__bo_2small Bo and Jackie are a lifelong pair and they really would love to find their new forever home together as the Dynanic Duo. They would be so happy in a home where someone was home during the day to give them lots of attention along with belly and ear rubs.  Read all about this adorable pair and watch a video of them with their foster family...

Bo is an attentive, loving, snuggly, happy 7 yr old boy who came into HRI with his lifelong friend, Jackie. At 20 pounds, he's on a food plan to slim down a little, he's loving green beans, peas, and carrots mixed into his kibble.  Getting a treat sure gets him excited!bo_by_gavin

He happily greets anyone who comes over, loves everyone, and waits patiently for his ear rubs. He snuggles by resting his head on you and it makes us laugh every time!  This is a sweet boy who likes to cuddle on the couch for a nap and curls up with Jackie in their dog bed at night.  Bo is house trained and gets so excited to see his harness and leash, that means a walk!  He's gets along great with his foster sister and brothers and had a cherry eye repaired since he's been with HRI.
He and Jackie would love to go to a forever home together, they're the best of friends. bo_and_jackie_by_gavin


Jackie is a sweet, happy 7-year old girl who loves to eat, play for a bit, and then have a long rest on the back of the sofa so she can see what's going on. She came to HRI with her lifelong friend, Bo, and would be happiest if they could stay together.  She's just right at 13 pounds and very cute in her short haircut but when her hair grows out she'll be a beauty!

She gets very excited and jumps to show everyone how excited she is. She's house trained, enjoys being close to her foster family, loves to chase toys in the house, and shares a big, comfy bed with Bo at night. This girl just soaks up all the love and attention that comes her way and will give lots of kisses right back! She had a cataract removed since she's been with HRI.

She would be happiest in a forever home with her friend Bo, they'd be thrilled to go together and will give so much love and joy right back!

Bo and Jackie are being fostered between GA and SC.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.