rosiesmheadI'm Rosie, which describes my outlook on life AND is my name. Convenient, huh? I'm about 5 or 6 years old and came from a place called a puppy mill. I'm in Wisconsin, learning about things like stairs, furniture, cats and living in a house.

I'm doing pretty well on the potty training thing too. I don't ask to go outside but I'm agreeable about going out if someone goes with me.rosieprehaircut

I LIKE people. Don't think you can put me in a little x-pen or behind a baby gate and stand on the other side. I'll climb out! I'm very talented. (I almost asked for my name to be Spider Man, but decided the better of it.) I sleep in a crate at night without complaint. I like it if you put a doggie bed in there. I stay in a crate when my foster mom is gone for a few hours too. It's okay. I don't carry on as long as you leave me a nice doggie bed in the crate and I can see the other dogs in the house. I don't like being by myself in a room in a crate.rosie2

I like other dogs, especially little boy dogs. If I could have a brother, it would be perfect!!

Here's what you need to know: My hobbies are looking cute, eating treats and showing you my belly so you'll pet me.  I'm thinking of taking up cat-chasing, but the big cat here and my foster mom both say "No!" We'll see...


What Rosie's Foster Momma wants you to know about this precious little girl:

Rosie is doing GREAT with potty training! She has had no accidents in the house since she arrived. She's very smart and could be taught to ring bells to let you know she needs to go out.

Rosie is quite the climber. She tries very hard to climb out of the chain link fence to see someone she likes on the other side. She can get up pretty high. It will be important that her adoptive family understand that fences can't contain her. Rosie needs someone who likes to spend time with her outside and will take her for walks.

rosie_checking_things_out_june_23_2010Recently Rosie has discovered the wonder of toys. She loves finding one on the floor or in a basket and running with it to her favorite chair where she shakes it and throws it about. She likes to collect a number of them and, when done playing, will sleep on top of them.

Rosie likes both women and men. She's afraid of children though, and would like a family with adults. She's VERY sociable and loves to nap on your lap. She also likes to be held like a baby, belly up, so you can rub her tummy. She's making up for years in a puppy mill without much human attention.

At just 7.7 pounds of personality, Rosie is waiting for the right family to adopt her.Whoever is lucky enough to bring her into their family will find love they never knew was missing from their lives!

Rosie is being fostered in WI

Rosie Videos:

NEW: - Rosie on a typical day outside...
Rosie shows how fast she run while playing with Riley


Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.