This past October Havanese Rescue celebrated its 15th birthday. We’re pretty proud about that. We are a group of passionate, kind and dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers have one thing in common WE LOVE THE BREED. We can confidently say we are the oldest foster based rescue that specializes in Havanese. We know them inside and out and ultimately what is best for them. There are a lot of rescues out there but do they really know what’s best for your dog? Havanese are great dogs but not the best match for everyone. If your Havanese turns out not to be what you signed up for please contact our Dog Assistance Team. This group of volunteers want your dog to stay with you and can provide resources to try and keep you together. If keeping your Havanese is not your best option we are there to support you too. Our foster home's purpose is to give your pups a soft place to land while getting to know them. Dogs stay in our rescue a minimum of two weeks so we can make certain adoptive families are the right match. Our pups go through extensive health testing and treatment if necessary and we have trainers and training resources at our fingertips to help pups who might need behavioral help while with us. We stand behind every dog that comes into HRI and are a source of support for the lifetime of our pups. Adoptive families can contact us anytime they have any concerns.
We go by the mantra “We find homes for dogs, not dogs for people” Please consider reaching out to us if you have any questions, concerns or requests to turn in your Havanese.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.