Holly Kimrey- "Look At Me" (Hav with ladybug)
Oakley loves his toys. When I arrive home, I get a quick greet from Oakley and then he runs away, grabs a toy and comes back as if to say "look at me!!" Well the lady bug and him had a short lived relationship. First, it was the nose, then the antlers, and then we had to say good bye.

Suzi Bowden   "Bicycle built for two" (hav in bicycle basket)
My inspiration was from a Havanese named Tillie. Her mom Tammy rides her around town on her bike.

Doreen D. / Julie Jorgensen "If the Shoe Fits" (hav puppy in high heel shoe)
Doreen was stationed in Afghanistan and unable to join us this year. She had mentioned if she was able to, this is the design she would make. Missing our hero, I decided to make this block for her so she was with us in spirit.

Flynn Gentry-Taylor   "Kidget were you in Mommy's Trash?" (this is the hav that has a ribbon coming out of it’s mouth)
   I painted a portrait in honor of Laura Cascino's beloved Kidget. My inspiration for the quilt was Laura's memory of this incident after she received the portrait.  " I remember the day I caught her sitting in the kitchen with the paper stuck to her and I ran to get my camera. When I returned, she was in the same spot and I asked “Kidget, were you in Mommy’s trash?” - she looked as if she had no idea what I was talking about LOL "  (Fabric and stitching by Donna Rotoloni)

Christy Thompson “Beautiful Boy” (hav sitting to the side with only one eye showing)
I've always loved this photo of Marley sitting so serene and facing into the wind.  I wanted to recreate it in fabric.

Julie Jorgensen "Tuned In" (havanese with ear buds)
this was inspired by a photo I found and adapted. I loved how the havanese was enjoying his music. I often listen to music just like this at work so it touched my heart.

Donna Rotoloni  “Shadow, is that toy big enough?” (havanese with toy in mouth)
In memory of Laura Cascino's Shadow"Shadow was just a few years old at the time the photo was taken. He loved that crackly toy. It was too big for him, but he’d bring it everywhere and would usually drop it when trying to get down the porch steps. " (Drawing and painting by Flynn Gentry-Taylor; fabric and stitching by Donna Rotoloni)

Linda Hagen  "There's Something In The Air". (hav looking up at red flower)
Augie's little black nose never stops sniffing when he is out and about, always checking everything out, and his favorite is to sit with the breeze in his face, savoring all those great scents that are not discernible by humans.

Linda Paterson Okimoto "Riki My Heart Dog"   (hav with coffee cup)
  silver and white......big heart, does tricks for heart treats...he dances too.

*Geri Sonkin  "The Look of Love" (this is the small hav with the heart up on two legs)
Baby says,  I love you mommy and I give you my heart.

Sharlene Briggs "My Handsome Bentley" (hav laying down on rug)
My first quilt square inspired by all these creative ladies who put this amazing quilt together every year.

Julie and Troy Jorgensen "Hot Date"  (hav in car)
This guy is speeding off to pick up his date. My husband and I designed this block. He is a car guy, I'm a dog person. Together we can give a havanese a convertible!

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.