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Dog's Weight: 14
Dog's Age: 2
Training Requirements: Needs Work on House Training, Needs Work on Leash Training, Needs Work on Crate Training
Personality Qualities: Shy/Timid Fearful
This dog needs the following: Needs Another Dog, Fenced Yard, No Children

Scrappy is fairly new to foster care. He will need a long period of adjustment as he came from a hoarding situation and needs a lot of time to learn about trust and how to live in a family. He is quite fearful and cannot yet be touched so he hasn’t been groomed or gone to our vet. He’s showing interest in people and especially likes his foster dad despite being afraid if he’s touched.

Scrappy is doing well with the other dogs in his foster family. He loves running with them in the backyard. He watched the other dogs to learn how to use the doggy door. He needs other dogs to model for him how to respond in his new environment. Scrappy doesn’t yet know how to walk on a leash and gets very anxious if you try to contain him.

Scrappy is still decompressing from what has been a confusing and chaotic life. His foster mom sees signs that deep inside him is a little dog that can learn to relax and have fun. He is in the right place to find that comfort.

Scrappy continues to make slow but steady progress. He is much more comfortable being touched (when he wants to be) but will also shy away if he is surprised or doesn't want to be touched. He now comes up on the furniture and on colder nights sleeps up on the bed. He's playful and energetic and gets along with all the other dogs in the house.

Scrappy is being fostered in Washington State.

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Scrappy 2

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