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4 years old
Special Needs


Redford is a handsome young guy who loves being outdoors. He is a super sweet and friendly dog despite his inoperable cataracts. Redford is getting comfortable in his new foster home and is able to navigate around the furniture and follow his older foster brother.

Redford may do best in a single floor house with another dog that can help guide him, as visually impaired dogs heavily rely on scent and sound, and he needs to be carried up and down any stairs since he cannot navigate them himself. A fenced-in yard is a must because of his need to otherwise be on a leash and the short distances he can see and walk.

Like all dogs, Redford would do well in a home with routine and patience. He sleeps quietly in a crate at night for his safety. Redford is currently working on potty training.

Redford has had a dental cleaning and has been neutered. He has been evaluated by two different veterinary ophthalmologists. He is not a candidate for cataract surgery but is on eye drops, which need to be administered twice daily to preserve his limited sight for as long as possible. He will continue to thrive and rely on his other senses as his vision diminishes over time.


 Redford is currently in foster care in Minnesota.



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