Loving and affectionate
9 years old

Momo is a loving and affectionate dog. She loves to be with her humans, really with any humans. She enjoys going for a car ride or taking a trip on a plane, but her absolute favorite is cuddling in your lap. A few belly scratches and ear rubs would be appreciated by Moet too.
Momo is moderately active and loves to play tug-of-war with her people or with her brother, Bolly. Having spent their entire lives together, she would prefer to go to her new home with him. She likes to play with other dogs around her size, but we are unsure about her thoughts on bigger dogs or cats. She knows many verbal cues like sit, shake hands, roll over, spin, dance on hind legs, and fetch and would happily show you all she knows.
Momo has experience with children of all ages. However, her preference would be for a house with adults only or older, considerate children who understand that she is no longer a rambunctious puppy, but a gentle lady.
Momo is being fostered in California.

Moet in CA 1 20 2023

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