Katy in Ohio - Small Face

One-year-old Katy is a sweet and very social and energetic puppy.  She's 8.5 pounds of love and snuggles.Her adorable face melts the heart of those who meet her.







Katy loves playing with her toys and with her people as well as other dogs. She is very smart and knows a number of commands. She knows sit, down, stay, wait, come, jump up on lap, get off of lap. She doesn't beg for human food, either. Katy is also house trained and crate trained and walks on a leash. She's working on some leash manners though. She sometimes pulls because she's just so excited to see the world.

Katy gets along with men and women and with children over age 12. She hasn't been exposed to children under the age of 12 in her foster home. She gets quite excited when meeting people and dogs, but settles down when she's petted or is able to get close to the dogs.

Katy in OH - 1 - resizedKaty is very skittish and fearful around certain noises like that of a hair drier or sudden movements by humans. She spent much of her time in a crate in an apartment before she came to HRI so she hasn't been exposed to some things like lawn mowers or snowblowers.

KATY in Ohio - 2 - resized

Katy would love a family of her own where she can be treasured and loved unconditionally. She'll need patience and understanding to help her gain her confidence.

KATY is being fostered in Ohio..

This dog is in our "Foster To Adopt" program, which means he's being fostered by his eventual adopters. Information on the program may be found by clicking the "Foster To Adopt Icon" above. Participation in this program may increase your chances of adopting a Havanese.

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