MINNIE PA 2016 HEADSHOTIs your lap lonely? If so, then four-year-old Minnie is your girl. Are you missing some kisses during your day? Once again, Minnie is your girl. Minnie is a typical renaissance Havanese, well-rounded in the social graces and humor. She is 9 pounds of sweetness.




MINNIN PA 2016 GRASSMinnie is a bit reserved with almost everyone she meets but warms up to women very quickly. She came from a household where all the other residents were women (no men, no MINNIE PA 2016 FRIENDSchildren, no other pets), so she will require some assistance in understanding that men are just as awesome as women and are equally talented in giving ear rubs, belly scratches, and treats. Minnie’s foster dad has been spending some extra time with her, and she is now jumping up to sit in his lap. Her two resident canine hosts have welcomed Minnie as a respectful housemate and keen competitor in a hard-core game of wrestling. Her feline housemates also give her a thumbs-up and are grateful for Minnie’s gentle approach and curious sniffs. She has not been around children, but she did very well meeting respectful children for the first time.

In addition to snuggles, tummy rubs, and ear rubs, she loves having every bit of her body scratched. Minnie is also a stellar pup when it comes to getting combed and brushed and having her eyes and ears cleaned.MINNIE PA 2016 FLOWERS

Her foster family was told she wasn’t house trained, but once again, Minnie has proved that Havanese are quick learners and are eager to please and hasn’t had one accident since her arrival. She is crate trained and sleeps in a crate at night next to her foster mom’s side of the bed. She also stays in her crate when her foster mom leaves the house. She loves car rides and eagerly jumps into her seat. One of Minnie’s other loves is going for walks. If Minnie could jump into her harness she would, but she’s patient and waits for her foster mom to get everyone outfitted while waiting quietly at the door. She is a great leash walker.


Minnie has an amazing sense of hearing and wants to let everyone know that there’s something going on somewhere. She is learning to be less vocal about what she hears. She also greets most people on her walks with a verbal greeting but is being taught that it might not always be necessary. Minnie will require gentle reinforcement by her adoptive family.MINNIE PA 2016 FLOOR

Minnie will require gentle reinforcement by her adoptive family. Minnie will be happiest in a quiet home with someone who is there most of the time and who can provide her with a schedule in terms of feeding, walks, and potty breaks. She should adjust to any man in the household if he is gentle and patient, allowing her to lead the relationship. Her foster mom feels that Minnie needs another dog (any size is fine) in the home, preferably a well-adjusted social dog that will assist her to become more confident. If children are living in the home they should be in their teenage years, because she has never lived around young children and has grown used to a quieter, less-frenetic environment. Minnie prefers to be inside when she is home, so a large fenced yard is not mandatory, although she should, of course, be on a leash in any unsecured area



MINNIE is being fostered in south-central PA.


A fee will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended fee amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any.  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!









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