SugarPepperSmHeadsNine-year-old Sugar and seven-year-old Pepper have adjusted well in foster care. These cute little girls weigh just nine pounds each.




 PepperKSSugar and Pepper are shy and timid initially with new people, but they warm up quickly. Their foster mom says they’re friendly and playful and can be very loving.

 Sugar in KSresized2016They’re both a little set in their ways and their foster mom is working on some negative behaviors that they exhibit when something isn’t going the way they’d like or someone is in their space when they want to be left alone. They’re beginning work with a trainer to help them with their manners.

Both dogs are leash trained, but require very close attention while they’re out. Pepper is quite focused on trying to chase cars and gets very excited when she sees one. She barks and pulls and her foster mom reports she must have a very tight grip on the leash to keep Pepper from running.

Sugar is very focused on eating things and will chew on a stick like a bone. She also fancies herself to have surgical skills and very effectively removes the pesky squeaker from toys. She can get a little carried away and will eat the parts so she needs close supervision.

Sugar and Pepper get along well with the other Havanese in their foster home. They haven’t been exposed to cats so it’s unknown how they’d interact with them. They haven’t been exposed to children while in foster care.sugar pepper with Santa resized

In their first home, the duo were trained to use a doggie door to go outside to relieve themselves. They don’t have a doggie door in their foster home and have learned to wait until they’re taken outside. They enjoy their fenced yard and it gives them an opportunity to run and play outdoors without being leashed.

sugar pepper on windowseat resizedSugar is taking medication to help her with anxiety. Pepper is generally calm, but can become overly excited at times, particularly when she knows it’s almost time for a walk or when she sees a car while on a walk.

Even though they’re crate trained, Pepper and Sugar sleep in the bed with their foster mom and the other household dogs. They are very affectionate in the morning, happily waking up their foster mom and moving in for some pets and snuggle time. Pepper is typically reluctant to get out of bed in the morning, often rising only when she hears breakfast is being served. (If she were human, she’d probably request breakfast in bed!)

This darling duo is enjoying their foster mom and foster siblings while fine tuning their manners.sugar pepper on sofa resized


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