OllieJax smFaceOllie is 13-months-old and weighs 14-pounds. His little brother, Jax, is 9-months old and weighs 13-pounds. Darling Ollie is cream colored with grey markings on his ears and grey patches on his body. Happy-go-lucky Jax is black and white. The boys are devoted to each other and are looking for a home for both of them so they can stay together.




OllieJax 2The boys are each crate-trained. At night, they sleep together in a single bed inside a crate.  They’re working on house training and are doing well. They came to rescue together and had been trained to piddle pads inside the house. Now they’re learning to go outside to do their business. They are also learning to walk on a leash, something that was fairly new to them when they came to rescue. They each know their names and will come when they’re called. They will wait at the door or the gate until they’re called to pass through.

Ollie is a sweet and loving dog. He enjoys sitting on a person’s lap and snuggling. He’s a good watch dog, but doesn’t bark excessively. Ollie likes to keep an eye on his brother, Jax, so he knows where he is. Jax provides Ollie with some security in his new surroundings. Ollie enjoys playing with squeaky toys and likes to pull the hair and fuzzy stuff off from them. If we asked, he’d probably tell us he’s just trying to get to the bottom of things!

Jax enthusiastically plays fetch with anyone willing to toss a toy. He finds joy in running, playing with toys (or random sticks he finds in the yard) and snuggling up with his people. He keeps track of his brother, Ollie, and is always ready for a romp. He’s a sweet dog who thrives on attention from his people. Both boys are very motivated by praise and treats which helps in their training.

Ollie and Jax get along well with other dogs. It’s unknown how they are with cats. They do well with both men and women and are good with children who’ve been taught how to interact with dogs. They’ll be wonderful additions to the family that adopts the pair of them.Ollie Jax 3

The duo are looking for a forever family of their own with people who have time to spend with them. Because they’re very social, they’d like to have someone around much of the day. They enjoy people of all ages, particularly if they have time to give them some pets and ear rubs and will laugh at their antics. Patience and a positive approach as they hone their house training and leash walking skills are important. Ollie and Jax are fine with other dogs, but would also be fine as the only dogs in their new family.

Dog's Wish List: Jax would like a home with his "brother" Ollie. He enjoys other dogs too. He loves a good game of fetch and thrives on attention. He would do well with an active family and prefer someone around most of the time.

Ollie Jax 1

A fee will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended fee amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any.  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

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