Bentley0206Somebody call the talent scout! Bentley is ready for the stage. This darling four-year-old Havanese recently came to his foster home.

BENTLY MI 2018 SITTING PRETTYBentley has quickly showed his many skills and tricks. He knows the following commands and performs them perfectly: sit, lay down, stay, speak, dance, play dead ("bang, bang"), roll over, shake, high five, and back up. When he's in a playful mood, he loves to be near us and get pets, belly rubs and snuggles. As you might imagine, this 14.6 pound boy is also house trained, crate trained and leash trained.

BENTLY MI 2018 RUGBentley is very energetic and loves to play fetch endlessly. He’s super fast and loves to race around the backyard with his fur siblings and humans. BENTLY MI 2018 HEAD ON RUGHe’s very smart and alert and will let you know when people are at the door or if he needs to go out to play or go potty.

Bentley is getting along with his three Havanese foster fur-siblings but would be just fine as an only dog with someone who is home much of the time. He’s unsure around some dogs. It’s unknown how he is around cats.

A guy as charming and smart as Bentley has a need for alone time or, as his foster mom refers to it, “me time.” When he’s in this mood, Bentley does not want to be touched or picked up. He will growl and show his teeth when approached and will sit away from everyone enjoying his “me time.” He does not have a history of biting but his cues should be respected. Bentley never likes his collar touched which might be an effect of the shock collar his original owners used. Bentley also displays separation anxiety and will “cry” when left alone. He loves to follow his person around the house and is a true velcro dog in his happy mood. During his “me time,” however, he is definitely not a velcro dog and relishes his privacy.BENTLY MI 2018

Because of his behavioral quirks, Bentley needs an experienced home with adults or children over 12 who respect his boundaries and learn his cues. He will do best with someone who is home much of the day. He loves working off his energy running in a fenced backyard, getting out his zoomies. He does well in a car and loves to go for a ride. A road trip might be just the way for him to bond with his new family.

BENTLEY is being fostered in MI.

A fee will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended fee amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any.  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

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