biscuit1Biscuit is very much a lovable, 18 month old neutered male Havanese.  He likes lots of attention and belly rubs. He would do well with dogs about his same size and strength but we don't know if he's ever experienced cats. He is very smart and has caught on to things around here very quickly. Like most havs he loves his naps and also has his high energy times.
He has some dominence issues with one of my other dogs but this hasn't been too big of an issue.  Just a little barking here and there. He learned right away which door we go outside through and lets me know if he wats to go outside.  One of the funny things he does is use his paws a lot to get a person's attention. He eats well and hasn't shown to be picky at all. He will make a great pet for someone. He seemed to really take to my teenage son the first day - I think because he reminded Biscuit of his previous family. I gave him a bath in my sink and he did wonderfully. He follows me around and shreds whatever paper he can find, definitely a havanese through and through! He is cream colored with a lot of apricot in his ears, tail and certain areas of his body. biscuit2
He did fracture his back right leg before coming to rescue so I would make sure they monitor it for any issues.  Here he is running on it no problem.
If you are interested in Biscuit please complete an adoption application and submit with his name in the subject line so we will be able to process it to the correct State contact.
Biscuit is currently being fostered in Missouri. If you're interested in adopting Biscuit, please complete our adoption application here.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.