HeadPlaceHolderChewy is an all-around good boy. At two years old and a strapping 11 pounds, he is so cute, absolutely adorable, and full of energy. He gets the “zoomies” through the house, making everyone laugh at his comical antics.

Chewy in WI 1Chewy is a cuddler and loves being on a welcoming lap to snuggle and snooze. He plays well with children after he gets to know them and enjoys them throwing the ball for him to chase and return. Chewy loves his squeaky toys!

He is well adjusted and seems to get along well with everyone he meets—even cats as he is very respectful of his foster’s two cats with claws! He is house-broken and leash-trained, eager to follow you anywhere. Chewy is up-to-date on his meds and shots and is neutered.

Chewy is crate trained but would rather sleep with his foster parents where he sleeps all through the night. Chewy is particularly fond of the back of the couch where keeps a keen eye on the neighborhood, letting all who pass know that he's on duty. 


So, who’s a good boy? Why Chewy, of course! Chewy is being fostered in Wisconsin.







Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.