chase_face.jpgChase came to HRI from a commercial breeding facility. He made some amazing break-throughs which his foster mom wasn't expecting so early on. He was adopted from HRI to a very loving home,but as circumstances would have it, they are no longer able to keep him. His adoptive sister couldn't seem to get over his being there & just wanted no part of sharing her mom with another furball.
Chase is a sweet guy who needs a loving home, who wants to play & take walks & if there's another pup to hangout & play with, that would be great!
chase1.jpgChase will chase after balls and actually bring them back every once in a while. His tail wags all the time. He seems so happy! He gets very excited when the leash comes out for a one hour morning walk.

He will let his foster mom cradle him like a baby and fall asleep in her arms. Turning him on his back was almost impossible just three days ago.  He loves being pet, too. If you stop, he'll nudge your hand for more. How wonderful!

Chase is getting better about potty training but still need work there.

Chase is doing better with grooming and is smelling so much better now that he's had several baths and a haircut. 

chase__tico_in_flowers.jpg Chase will make a wonderful addition to someone's family. He will need a canine companion to help him be happy and comfortable.

Chase is currently being fostered in Washington.



Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.