Adorable Casper is doing very well in foster care. We're seeing the sparkle in his eye now. 

Casper had a rough start in life, coming from a commercial breeding facility. He and one other Havanese were surrendered to HRI after someone got him out of the puppy mill.  He's much less fearful now, loves to play with the other dogs in the foster home, and is enjoying his new life. With a little more work from his dog trainer foster dad, Casper will be ready for a family all his own. This guy is going to be gorgeous when his new coat grows in. Some dogs know how to smile. Casper is one of them! He smiles a lot, seeming to know that life is getting better and better. 

Casper is quite playful and even seems to enjoy the attention of gentle children. he's  being fostered in Florida. Please complete an adoption application here if you're interested in adopting Casper the Cutie!caspersun.jpg

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.