Jesse James is two-years-old and 10 pounds of rough and tumble fun!  He's been working on his people skills after arriving in his foster home directly from a terrible puppy mill situation. A cuter little dog would be hard to find I'm sure you'll agree!

While in foster care, he's become far more confident and is actually somewhat of a hero! You see, Jesse's foster mom fell one day while walking him and broke her arm. Even though she dropped the leash, Jesse stayed right by her side until his foster dad went out to find out what had happened to the two of them. What a good dog he is! He wasn't going to run off and leave his foster mom on her own.

Jesse gets along with other dogs and likes the quiet, older grandchild that came to visit

Jesse is looking for that perfect family that will accept his needs for time to adjust and respond.  Fast movements and loud voices still frighten him some so he needs someone who is dog savvy and prepared to give him time to adjust to his new surroundings and people.
The rewards to that family will be love and devotion from this charming little dog.

Jesse has learned to appreciate the experience of someone petting him, giving him a treat and calling him by his very own name. Yes, dogs that come from puppy mills typically come without a name. But Jesse isn't a number any more. He's becoming the alert and bright little dog he has always had the right to be.
A donation will be requested to adopt Jesse James. The recommended donation amount will be based on his age, and any medical and behavioral issues. Complete the adoption application
here.  You will not be considered until we have a completed application.

Jesse is so glad you came here to read all about him!
He's being fostered in Ohio.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.