joey_faceJoey is a 4 year old Havanese who personifies the sweet nature of the breed. He's gentle and a little shy right now, but loves having his ears and neck rubbed. It's like he's making up for the fact that he had little personal human contact the first 3 1/2 years of his life when he was in a breeding facility. He leans into you while you pet him, soaking up the attention. His soulful eyes will melt your heart.

Joey is completely house trained. He seems to have a fear of crates (possibly because of his background of close confinement) but does very well when confined to an ex-pen with another foster dog when his foster mom is at work.joey_927

Nineteen pound Joey loves walking on a leash and has very good leash manners. It's a nice way to bond with him also so a loving family that will take daily walks with him will be important. Joey also does really well ridiing in the car. He wears a harness attached to a doggie seatbelt.

Other dogs bring great joy to Joey. He seems to get along with everybody he's met so far. He will need a doggie companion in his forever home to keep showing him the ropes about being a family dog. Everything was new to this sweet dog. In just the last few months he's learned about furniture, vacuum cleaners, the sounds of dishes in the sink and best of all, gentle hands to pet him while he falls asleep next to a person on the couch. He's taken these lessons to heart as surely as he will expand the heart of the family that takes him home forever.

Here's Joey with some hair...joey

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.