titan_in_coneTitan is a 7 month old happy-go-lucky little guy who had a liver shunt, a umbilical hernia, unilateral cryptorchid (one of his testicles had not descended ), and several tiny bladder and prostatic urethral stones.

HRI found an excellent surgeon who addressed all of Titan's issues in early February and Titan is well on his way to becoming the healthy, happy Havanese he was meant to be!  He is a real champ and is doing very well after his surgery! He is spirited and energetic with a little rascal thrown in.



titan201" Shhhhh!  We are trying not to let him know just how cute he really is!

Titan is a doll. He is playful and curious and nothing can hold him back now. Before his surgery he was working on the idea that potty is outside and not on the tile floor - this little smarty will catch on soon. His head cone comes off next Tuesday and he will be ready to complete his house training!
Titan is currently being fostered in Colorado.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.