dominic1_copyDominic is 18 months old and currently sporting a horrible haircut because the groomer obviously didn't know what a puppy cut is! His hair will be gorgeous as it growns in!

He's a snuggler, LOVES belly rubs, and sleeps in a crate at night, right next to his fostermom's bed.

With attention, and by picking up on his cues, his housetraining is coming along.  He just needs someone to pay attention to him because his goal is to please!


dominic2Dominic's part mountain goat and a real Houdini. He can climb out of a 4 ft. pen with NO problem so we think he's going to need a tall privacy type fenced in yard.

He would do well in an adult home with either no dog or a very mellow, laid back dog.

Dominic is currently being fostered in New York after a brief stay in Illinois.dominic3

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.