daisy_paDaisy spent her first six months in a puppymill, where she only knew fear. Her initial evaluation at the vet was very, very good and showed her to be quite healthy. She weighs about 5 pounds - she is truly a peanut, and is now, slowly, carefully, coming out of her shell.

 Daisy has embraced life and is working on those things most puppies take for granted. She now knows what the following are and their use or intention: sterilized bones, tissue paper inside a present box, doggie treats, Sock Monkey cruncher toys (available in the HavtoHavIt General Store), running like heck from the living room to the dining room and ending in Mom's office, walks on a warm Spring day, what a daffodil smells like, gazing out the window at passing joggers, barking at the UPS guy, and snuggling up with one or both of her foster brothers for an afternoon nap.

She wants to trust, but is still hesitant. For Daisy, it's pretty much about today and tomorrow, lots of tomorrows. She is a very special girl and everyone in her fosterhome is working hard to change her life for the better. She continues to take wee small steps, but they are all in the right direction.
Daisy is being fostered in PA.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.