What a Sweetheart!

 bingleys_cute_face_resized Bingley is a delightful boy, full of wags and soft kisses. It would be hard to find a silkier coat or a more loving disposition. Two year old Bingley is a large Havanese at 20 pounds, but is quite a gentle spirit and moves very gracefully.

You might have heard about people who wear their heart on their sleeves, but if you look closely at Bingley, you'll see he's gone one better. Bingley has a large heart shaped patch on his side. It's just one more sign that this guy is a real sweetheart!

Mr. Bingley likes being outdoors, loves his walks and thinks toys are quite fun as well. The thing he especially loves though is attention from his person! If you want to watch a movie, Bingley is there for you, keeping your lap or your feet warm. Whether you're making dinner, washing up dishes or doing a little garden work, Bingley is glad to keep you company. He read the manual early on that says Havanese are companion animals sometimes known as "velcro dogs."

bingley_lu_at_debbies_houseBingley is completely house trained, never having a single accident in his foster home. He also walks nicely on a leash. Though he loves human attention, he seems to understand when he has to share with other dogs in the home and wait his turn for some lap time or ear rubs.

If you have room in your home and your heart and time in your life, Mr. Bingley might be just the Havanese you've been waiting for.

"Bing" is being fostered in Illinois

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.