vannapa2Vanna is a 19 month old, recently spayed female that has the absoulte best technique for lap sitting; a true snuggle-bunny. 

She's learning about going outside and feeling grass between her paws.  She's quite alert and inquisitive.  She's loving her new fuzzy bed and checking out all the toys. She will fetch a small ball but isn't quite sure what to do with squeaker toys yet.

Vanna has come a long way in a short time, considering her first 17 months spent in a wire bottomed cage!  She meets and greets strangers with a wagging tail now!


Vanna recently learned the Havanese runlikehell game and even gives chase herself. 

She's mellow in temperment and looking for a stay-at-home Mom to keep her company; someone who really appreciates all the unconditional love she has to give.

Vanna is now being fostered in Pennsylvania.

PS  She's way cuter than this photo!

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.