buddy1Buddy was found abandoned in a foreclosed house, hungry, scared and bewildered. This 1.5yr old boy, with the sweet, loving face is long, tall, with a lanky body.

He has been neutered, microchipped, and brought up to date on his innoculations . He is very thin, about 13 lbs, and still does not eat very much.



Buddy continues to be very shy, is cautious of strangers, and still very timid and insecure. He prefers to come to you and get loving, rather than being approached (he runs away).
Right now, he is not a lap dog and does not like to be held. He gets along well with the other dogs, but seldom initiates play. He prefers to run around the yard chasing lizards than being walked on a leash.

Buddy is not aggressive, but rather more on the submissive side. He has a very loving face with a long, tall, lanky body.

Check back for updates as we are sure that Buddy will blossom into a loving, confident and secure Havanese with the help of his loving foster family.
Buddy is being fostered in AZ.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.