ozzie_face_smallspecialneedsiconOzzie is 7 yrs old and is a sweet, loving, and a very inquisitive little boy! This little guy loves to cuddle and sit on laps. Ozzie is a great giver of "Havie kisses" and can’t seem to give enough.


He greets every guest with enthusiasm, assuming they must have come just to see him! He has had a skin condition for much of his life but his fostermom began a grooming routine that has worked amazingly well! His skin issues are now well controlled with a bath every couple of weeks, a good diet, and oral medication. The result is a beautiful coat with very striking markings that now stand out even more than before!


ozzie_web2Ozzie may have difficulty hearing but if he does it sure doesn’t stop him! In fact, when called by name, one of the volunteers noticed he makes direct eye contact. So, maybe selective hearing?! Ozzie does just fine! Ozzie is truly a sweet, trusting, and loving Havanese. He is crate trained, house trained and well mannered.


He also has a special love for children; he works very hard to get them to play, snuggle, and do just about anything they’re willing and was known once to leap a small gate in hopes one of his friends might join in some fun! He loves to do tricks, roll over, can ‘sit’, shake hands, and especially loves to fetch. A home with teenagers would be an added plus for Ozzie
Ozzie is a happy guy with a tail that never stops wagging and a personality to go with it. He is a very social and wonderful boy and will make someone an exceptional companion. Ozzie is being fostered by his very own angel/fostermom in MN.

WATCH A VIDEO OF OZZIE. He is a very gentle and kind natured Hav. This clip displays that as he plays with children.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL0EfWwwWHY












Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.