Benji is a 19 pound, 5yr old sweetie pie! They just don't come any sweeter than him. He has a thinner coat than a lot of Havanese, but he wants everyone to know that it's what's inside that counts, it's not all about looks!


He's definitely a people person, very loving to his foster family and, while cautious, Benji does warm up to strangers. He's a lover, on his own terms and when he feels like it - kind of like a cat.

He likes to be picked up a certain way, and with a show of love. He would be happiest with someone that could be home with him all day. When his foster mom returns from errands, Benji does the Happy Havanese dance until she stops to give him some loving!

He is doing extremely well in his foster home. Has gotten into the daily routine there and has an absolute ball playing with the other dogs. Benji and his foster-doggie-brothers chase and hide, and circle through the house on their own imaginary Havanese Race Track. He loves to be the one to initiate play and romping and having a dog-buddy in his new home will make him very happy.

While he does love a fenced yard for those daily romps, he is just as happy when the leash comes out for a walk. He travels well in the car and loves to go for rides. And is thoroughly housetrained!

In a nutshell, Benji's perfect family will consist of someone to stay home with him, love him, give him lots of attention, not be concerned with his thinning coat, and will just love him for being Benji. He loves being with his people, so when he\'s adopted he will eat up all of the attention a family will give him. And of course, if they have a four legged buddy that would be ideal!

Benji is being fostered in Michigan.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.