lucky_in_cloverWhy Lucky you might ask?  Because whoever adopts this 1yr old Hav-mix will be very lucky indeed!

He was dropped off  with a  lady that mostly rescues cats, and she wanted him to come to a breed  rescue that would understand what he needs. She was told he was  Havanese and had been passed along to 2 different families already in his short life, and was just running loose in the streets.


   Lucky is lanky and lean, with really, really long legs.  He may have some poodle in him,  with a soft, buttery coat  that he just loves to have petted. 


lucky_loves_hav2havitHe is sweet, cuddly, loves going for walks, riding in the car,  LOVES to play, and is great with his fostermom’s three dogs. No food or toy aggression;  he barks when someone comes in the room but warms up quickly.  Lucky  has claimed one of the Hav2HavIt Store’s crinkly toys as his favorite.... the boy has great taste!


He’s hoping he’ll really be lucky and we can find him the perfect home soon!


Lucky is being fostered on Long Island, NY.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.