lola_in_paLola was surrendered by a wonderful owner who realized that Lola needed and deserved a fuller life where she could be the center of attention.  She trusted that HRI, through rigorous searching, would find Lola that perfect forever home.

Lola is nine months old and tips the scale at 9.6 pounds of wiggly puppy.  She's inquisitive and a quick learner.  She is beautifully marked  (black with white markings and some silvering) and adept at the Havanese two-step.  She can walk across a room on only her hind feet!


In her short time at her new foster home she has romped in the grass with her new Hav buddy, chased some geese, met and played wonderfully with several young boys, and at the pet supply store she met two cats (both larger than her) and found them to be boring and not worth a chase!  lola_in_pa_face

She is acclimating very well considering she left a big city hi-rise for acres of country and many new experiences.  She will need a home that is committed to working with a young dog as she learns to be the best Havanese she can be.  She would prefer a home where someone is home during the day as those long hours alone cause her to be bored and get into mischief.  She is quite content sleeping in a crate containing her dog bed and next to the big people bed at night but doesn't want to spent her days confined too.  She has incredible energy!  These spirited dogs just love being part of obedience classes where they can show their stuff!

Lola is being fostered in Eastern PA.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.