juliofaceJulio is a 10month old PUPPY through and through, he runs around and plays, and then just runs around some more. The world is a happy place for him. He is very good natured - so very sweet - joyful with life. julio_and_blue_ballJulio has now figured out how to jump on the furniture and does it with glee. He would love to be placed in a home with another dog, he is very content to play with toys all by himself. He is a very active dog and would do well in most any home, but preferably with someone who is home most of the day as he really wants to be near his "people" - a typical Havanese dog.

He eats well, has a very good appetite, but of course he would – he’s still a growing boy! Basically, he has no "issues" he is a good boy - adorable and sweet.  His coat is coming in all white, soft and fluffy and he seems to be enjoying the attention while being brushed.julio_1

Julio is being fostered in CT.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.