spencer_faceSpencer, aka "Buddy",  is a 13 pound Havanese mix (most likely Tibetan Terrier) who came to HRI with severe ear infections, worms, and an infestation of fleas.


He was recently neutered and is feeling great now.

He still has a way to go until the ear infection is cleared but he is all about playing fetch, RLH with his two foster brothers, snuggling, and giving lots of kisses. He is almost house-trained, having only had 3 accidents in the week's time he's been living with his foster family.

Spencer needs reinforcement of gentlemanly manners and walking on leash, but he is a very quick study. He's already learned to sit for a treat and is trying hard to learn  "stay".

Spencer has been a joy to his foster family in Georgia!spencer

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.