chanel_faceChanel is only 1 year old and definitely your typical puppy! She loves to play with anyone, anything and to be the center of attention. She is very loving and wants nothing more than to please you. If you are looking for a devoted little girl (she is only 8 lbs!) you need look no further! Chanel is still working on potty training, but she is so very smart that her fostermom doesn't feel this will be much of an issue.

She has no problems with cats or other dogs, she is just full of love.

She was great at the groomer where she needed to be shaved to the skin, because of severe matting, and a real little trooper at the vet. This is one happy, go lucky, adorable little girl !1_chanel

Chanel is being fostered in CA.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.