gigi_faceGiGi is the typical velcro dog.  She weighs 12 lbs. and is black w/white on throat and paws. She loves to get in your face for attention and has a difficult time sitting still for pictures! She just gets SO excited when you pay attention to her!

She loves to be touching you, sitting next to you and will bat you with her paw to get attention. If you are looking for a devoted, loving companion, 2 year old Gigi will provide you with all that and more! She is a smart, playful and endearing girl, with a beautiful, smiling Hav-smile.

If she is startled, Gigi will find herself a safety spot and go to it until you go pick her up and let her know that the world is a wonderful, safe place.

She has an underbite and will have some dental work to relieve any discomfort she has because of it. Her allergies require an allergy pill, twice a day.

Gigi is entertaining and loving the attention that her fostermom is showering her with in CA.gigi_in_ca

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.