Pepper took the AKC standard about Havanese,"...a small sturdy dog of immense charm" to heart. This little gal could run a charm school she has so much to spare!

Four years old and at not quite 11 pounds, Pepper had made friends with every human she's met, loves to snuggle, and leans in for ear rubs. Active and curious, Pepper makes the rounds in the house, looking for things to gather up; her toys, a misplaced sock, garden gloves- if you leave it in her reach, she gets it!pepper_9_26_09

She loves toys, playing with other dogs, is housetrained and crate trained, and will sleep through the night in her wire crate. She was debarked at a young age and is currently working on sitting and dancing for treats. Dancing is far more in her nature than sitting of course!

Pepper has one bad habit, she is a chewer. She's happy with chewing on appropriate dog items like bully sticks, ostrich bones, etc., but will chew dog toys to pieces, has tried to pull the stuffing out of a dog bed, shredded newspaper and chewed some dangerous items- computer and other electrical cords.

Any adoptive family will need to continue to work with Pepper on appropriate chewing objects. A commitment to making a secure environment for her is essential while she works through a delayed puppy chew pattern in her life.

If you\ve ever hoped for a dog that's sweet and sparkly as the sprinkles on a sugar cookie, Pepper is waiting for you.

Pepper is being fostered in WI.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.