Mr. Roswell Beasley ("Bzzzz") was a stray picked up by animal control and was scheduled to be euthanized. He was rescued, got all cleaned up, and was a big boy at the vet while being neutered, getting his teeth cleaned and being microchipped. roswell_bzzzz

He has a clean bill of health other than a cataract in one eye. The eye vet ( specialist) says he can see fine in one eye and at this time, would not need to be put through any surgery. He gets along with all his foster brothers and sisters ( big yellow lab, a Havanese, & toy poodle) but is not quite sure about the kitty.

He eats well, loves his walks and car trips. Tolerates the groomer and is learning to play with toys!

He is quite a hoarder . He gathers all his treats and lays on them until he is ready to eat them. He is so funny! He does all the Hav tricks, dancing, racing, begging, rolling over, etc.

Mr. Roswell "Bzzzz" is crate trained and house trained.


Roswell is being fostered in CA.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.