maggie_tx_face2 year old, Maggie is one self-assured, friendly, Texan socialite now. She is great with people and dogs and rarely utters a sound. She walks very well on a leash and goes to the door when she needs to go out.

Maggie is inquisitive and will follow you around, wanting to always be by your side or in your lap, and if invited to hop up. Yet she is very good at entertaining herself. She loves to be touched and hugged and when held her on her back like a baby, rubbing her chest and tummy, she'll just wrap her front paws around your arm and go right to sleep. maggie_tx2

This dog is going to make someone a perfect companion.  She's not pushy or an attention hog but very confident and laid back. She has that little tail up and wagging and just seems to be a very content little girl.

Never doubt that she is a true lady, Maggie likes to have her nails painted and pink is her favorite color.

Maggie is being fostered in TX.


Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.