Smiling and handsome Poochie is five years old and is enjoying life in his foster home. Laps are his favorite pastime but he also enjoys a romp with the other doggies in the household.


Poochie is a bright guy and has quickly learned to use the doggie door and is reliably house trained.

Going for walks is also high on Poochie's list of fun things to do. At bedtime, though, he's happy to go into his crate for the night.






poochie_3His wonderful foster Mom is working with Poochie on his social skills and basic obedience, and Poochie is happy to learn new ways to earn his belly rubs and ear scratches. He is very sweet and cuddly, the first to settle in for lap time, but will enthusiastically engage in a game of fetch when encouraged to do so.





Poochie is being fostered in MN.







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