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November 2007

Words From The President

In this season of giving thanks, I am mindful of the many blessings our volunteers bring to HRI. We are rich with loving, selfless people who give of themselves every day. They provide that soft, safe place for our dogs, all of whom come to us in need of love and care.

So, in the spirit of the holiday, I say thank you. I am grateful every day for each of you and the work that you do.

I wish all of you a Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

Stacy DeJoseph

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  • Adoption Corner
  • Jozy (formerly Patsy) Delights in her New Home
  • Thanks for a very Successful Auction!
  • Havanese Rescue Keepsake Store
  • Changing Lives: Our Wonderful Fosters

  • Jozy (formerly Patsy) Delights in her New Home

    Our family has loved having our first Havanese, Jack, for the last five years. He has been the perfect dog for us, adding fun and energy to our household. As a very friendly dog, Jack has loved socializing with both people and other dogs.

    Because we were building a new house which is far more secluded than our current home which is close to a park, we worried that Jack would be lonely. We were talking about getting a "friend" for Jack after we moved but the fates intervened. My sister, who had just rescued her own dog, spotted Patsy while checking rescue listings. Patsy was fostered in Ohio. I casually showed the picture to my husband who immediately said, "Find out if she is available." She was! Coincidentally, we were heading to Ohio the following weekend for a friend's wedding. We wrote some fast emails and made some quick phone calls and everything, from reference checks to home visit fell in place. It was meant to be because on Monday we saw Jozy's picture on the internet and by Sunday we were bringing her home from Ohio.

    We love having Jack and Jozy as part of our family. We will be moving in a few weeks so both dogs have had time to get to know each other. Our house is full of energy and all three of my kids love having two dogs. Jack is our mellow fellow and Jozy is our spunky gal... they are great for each other and we couldn't imagine life without them!

    Shelly Dragul

    As Editor of the newsletter, this story brought a special twinkle to my eye. I was in the midst of moving across country when I was asked if I could do a Havanese identification. Although very busy, I went to the shelter to see a completely shaved down scared puppy who had an injured leg. I actually took photos because I was unsure of her breed, but I did see her energy and happiness as everyone walked by while I was there. With some work, the shelter located the former owners and learned she'd been purchased from a pet store and was indeed a Havanese. It is heartwarming to see her journey through HRI. First she had surgery while with her foster home and is now a cherished family member in her forever home! -Amanda Brown

    Thanks for a very Successful Auction!

    Laura Cascino, the Havanese breed's grand auctioneer, managed to pull off another auction miracle. The 2008 auction was the most successful ever. More than $10,000 was earned to help the Havanese in HRI!

    A record number of items (175!) were donated. The support was overwhelming. The bidders this year also outdid themselves. As Laura said, "from 'first timers' to 'veterans' you are all incredibly generous!" We hope she looked in the mirror when she said that! Laura's gift of time and talent gave us all a way to pull together to help our dogs. That's what it's all about and we all appreciate the effort. We want to offer a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the auction to help make it such a success.

    --Lu Wyland
    P.S. If you missed out on the auction item you are looking for, please read the next article as there is still time to shop!

    Havanese Rescue Keepsake Store

    The Havanese Rescue Keepsake Store on CafePress is up, running, and ready for business! Come check it out: http:/ /www.cafepress.com/havanesequilts. Quilt block images from the 2007 Quilt, Garden Helpers, are featured on tons of items such as Keepsake Boxes, Calendars, T-Shirts, Magnets, and lots more! For instance, all totebags have the entire quilt image on one side and you can choose your favorite of 30 blocks for the other side!

    Items are still available from the 2006 "Doodad Quilt" as well as the 2005 Quilt. Items with the Universal Havanese Rescue Quilt Project logo are available also. Please note: 2005 Quilt items and Universal Rescue Quilt Project logo items are scheduled to be phased out on December 31, 2007 so order your favorites now! A portion of all sales benefit HRI!

    If you made a quilt block, consider purchasing items with your creation to share with friends and family. If you wish you had won the quilt (and who doesn't? It's fabulous!!) here's your chance for a "piece" of it! If you need to buy a gift for a Havanese lover, what better place? If you need donation items (for the 2008 Auction perhaps?) get it here!!

    Happy Shopping!

    Erica Greis

    Changing Lives: Our Wonderful Fosters

    Since 1914 the United States celebrates motherhood on the second Sunday in May. The holiday, enacted by then president Woodrow Wilson, reminds the nation of the importance of a loving, supportive mother in a child's life. Those of us in HRI know there are many Havanese who also need to benefit from those wonderful traits.

    HRI needs a solid roster of available foster families. They give the ultimate, priceless gift of love and nurture, providing healthy and supportive homes for little lost dogs in transition. The goal of foster family care is to ultimately place each animal with a loving and caring family after preparing the dog and the adopters for a successful match. Our fosters are key members of our "team."

    Our foster family members need to be energized, organized, and have a tremendous sense of humor when coping with the antics of a Havanese who needs to be sanitized, socialized, mannerized, and often times housebroken! They have to be willing to take in an animal on short notice, sometimes knowing little about what baggage might be attached to this little furry bundle. The payback is love and pride in seeing the tremendous changes our dogs frequently make during their stay with HRI.

    The word "foster" means to help with growth and development, caring for a myriad of daily needs in a safe place for the unknown duration of the stay. It means opening your heart with and for unconditional love and then letting go when the time is just right. It might be for just a day, a few nights, or it might be for a few months. A few Havanese have even found their forever homes right with their foster family! There are worries, changes, and challenges. Some dogs have health issues and a few can't be saved. Foster care can create a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes there is research and planning and decisions to make. HRI provides the back up our foster families need. Our team works together so we never lose sight of the goal - a happy, contented animal that no longer has sadness or fear present in his or her expression.

    These are admirable people! They do God's work! Let's all thank them for their helping hands and their open hearts; their road-warrior treks and all they do. If you'd be willing to try this rewarding task, we welcome you to apply.

    I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back. ~Maya Angelou

    Our volunteers are doing way more than tossing a few balls! Volunteers are love in motion! ~Author Unknown

    Bonnie Gehrt Davis

    Adoption Corner


    Three year old Cocoa is a chocolate Havanese as sweet as his name. He loves everybody! This young guy would be fine as an only dog or with a female canine friend with whom to play.

    Companionship and love are Cocoa's greatest needs from his new family. He loves to go out and meet people but also loves just spending time at home with his family.

    When his hair grows out, you're going to see one very handsome dog. Cocoa is also working on his diet (aren't we all after Thanksgiving?) Cocoa is fostered near Fort Myers, Florida. He's working there on his manners. He already knows sit, wait, inside, outside and has a very reliable "come." He even sits and waits to be petted, having learned not to jump up on people for attention. With his loving nature, Cocoa very much wants to please. Cocoa would be a wonderful addition to a family wanting an affectionate dog in their lives. To learn about Cocoa....
    To Inquire about Cocoa...

    Upcoming HRI Events

    Milwaukee Pet Expo
    February 2

    The Great Lakes Family Pet Expo is a wonderful event for the family. There are many vendors and rescue organizations present. Entertainment in the past has included agility, fly ball and freestyle dancing as well as demonstrations from Search and Rescue dogs and the Canine Unit of the police department. Be sure to check the website http://www.aware-wi.com/petexpo_new.htm for updates to this event. We hope to see you there!

    Looking for a way to help HRI? Look to Gateway Havanese Club!

    The Gateway Havanese Club wanted to share how we helped HRI. We purchased all of our trophy items for our supported entry on Sunday Oct 21st, Springfield, IL show, from the HRI's CafePress store. They were very well received and will be treasured by all. We wanted to say THANK you for having this these items available.

    Michele Johannes- Trophy Chair


    Well, not quite, but there's a way YOU can help HRI raise money without spending even a penny! Here's how it works!

    Go to goodsearch.com

    Look at the second box on the page that follows the words: "I'm supporting" and type in Havanese Rescue- HRI. Then click the button that says "Verify."

    That's it! Each search generates a penny for HRI. If 100 people do two searches a day, that's $2.00 a day for HRI or $60 a month and it costs you nothing.

    Searching through goodsearch.com does not sign you up for any spam or put you on a mailing list. It's just another search engine, this one sponsored by yahoo.

    Thanks to everyone who uses this option and raises money for our Havanese!

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