Havanese Rescue, Inc. Newsletter Special Edition Newsletter
December, 2007 
President's words


Having our beloved Havanese with us during this season of joy is a special blessing indeed.  We can't imagine a family gathering without them with us, sharing in the fun and festivities.  


In the last few weeks several of our rescues have received their best gift ever - a family to love and call their own.  You'll get to read about two of them in this newsletter.


You'll also find stories of a few of our sweet ones still waiting for their forever homes.  In 2008 they would love to find a family that belongs just to them.


If you would consider adding one of these little loves to your heart, please contact us at www.havaneserescue.com to apply for adoption.   You may find that you could be giving yourself one of the best gifts of your life - endless love, countless kisses, and sweet snuggles every single day.


Happy Holidays to all from Havanese Rescue Inc.  

Stacy DeJoseph


163.jpgBenny gets ready for Christmas!
I am happy to share the picture of my new best friend who is also my brother. Bear and I are getting ready for Christmas. We are having a fine time.

I was pretty nervous when this move West began....I hadn't really seen much outside that puppy mill cage back in  Wisconsin, that is until  I met my Aunt Jane and Uncle Paul (Hohne), my God parents. In Washington,  they taught me how to walk and romp on a leash, how to go up and down stairs (I didn't know what they were), how to play with other Havanese, and how to pee outside--I'm still working on that skill. Mostly, they taught me what love is all about..
With that kind of introduction to the real world, moving to Whitefish, MT and my "forever" home was  a cinch.  My big brother Bear (he's actually smaller) is my teacher and mentor--and, most of the time, he doesn't lose his patience. He's teaching me how to lift my leg, to share toys--they're sure are a lot of them--to understand that he gets to eat too--if he's quick enough, and to let him win at least some of the wrestling matches. Best of all,although I really loved my sleeping crate, Bear showed me that jumping onto a queen-size bed and cuddling up for the night with  Mom and Dad for a long winter's nap, was really the way to go.
Now,  with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, and understanding that Saint Nick is just another name for Havanese Rescue, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.
Love, Benny 
164.jpgDesi's Footprints
For almost 3 months our home was graced with a wild child foster pup named Desi. He brought me laughter, love, an appreciation for how fast a puppy can chew a computer cord, and new eyes through which to view the world. As I said in his write up on Petfinder, "This boy could charm the stripes off bees!"

Desi went home last month where he now charms his Mom with his antics in the full length mirror that stands on the floor and leans against the wall. (Desi has to challenge the "saucy dog in the mirror" on a daily basis, much to the amusement of his Mom and those of us who've seen the pictures of this regular occurrence.) He plays with his brother, with "play" sometimes being substituted with "hassles." And, like all young boys, sometimes the tables get turned and Desi is the hassled instead of the hassler.

It's all as it should be. Dogs come to rescue needing our attention and our help. We pour in the love and they give it back ten-fold. We hold it in our hands and pass that love over to the right family, trusting our judgment and our hearts to have made the right decision. It's never easy but it's so rewarding. Desi is home. He's always got a spot here on my lap if he needs it, and he left his footprints all over my heart. Now we in HRI are looking for the right forever home for other dogs in our foster care network. Maybe one of these dogs will grace your life or that of someone you know. We thank you for caring enough to read and learn about these dogs, each charming in their own right and own way.

--Lu Wyland
Amber's love shines like a jewel!

167.jpg Amber, or "Sweet Amber Jane," as she is often called by her foster family, is estimated to be 6 years old. She's very sweet, gentle and loving.

Like her brother, Cowboy, Amber is house trained. She will seek you out to let you know she wants to go out. What a gal!

Amber is mostly quiet and content to be with you. She loves a lap and a little attention but she'll settle for a chance to rest at your feet. She sometimes stands on her back legs and gently leans into you for a little attention. If you ignore that, she might lean a little harder and give a quick bark. She knows what she wants and how to get it nicely.

Amber loves kids and other dogs. She needs a family who is home most of the time and where she has a canine companion. If that companion could be her brother, Cowboy, it would fulfill the "wish list" she and her brother have for a happy home for the new year. It's not essential she go to a home with her brother, however. She really enjoys her time with her foster fur siblings a great deal and would be happy to join your canine kid if he or she enjoys other dogs.
Cowboy wants to lasso your heart!
166.jpg Seven year old Cowboy is a friendly and charming gentleman. He loves people and would like nothing better than a family with whom he could welcome in the new year.

Cowboy loves to be near you but doesn't insist on following you everywhere. Sit down on a couch and he's happy to snuggle in next to you. He will also come up to you for attention, standing on his back legs and gently leaning against you. This guy is not a jumper though. He has far too many manners!

Cowboy loves people of all ages, including well mannered children. He needs a family that is frequently home so he can get a lot of love and attention. Cowboy came into rescue with his sister who has a very similar disposition. A home that could take both of them is on their "wish list" but Cowboy is also happy to soak up all the attention he can get if he's an only dog, as long as he's got his family around much of the time.

2008 Havanese Calendar

The world of Havanese owners is populated with very talented and generous individuals. One of them, Melissa Miller, has offered to share her amazing gift of photography with HRI through a beautiful and all together charming Havanese calendar. The photos of Havanese in this calendar were submitted by members of the Havanese Forum and Havanese Rescue Inc.  

Havanese through the seasons romp in the snow or gaze mischievously from their favorite spots around their yards or homes. The love for these dogs is evident not only from each photographer that submitted the photos, but also in the editing and placement of the photos themselves. A special two page spread featuring only dogs from rescue can be kept as a poster.  

ALL the proceeds from this calendar will go to Havanese rescue. Calendars sold to Canadian individuals will benefit Canadian Havanese Rescue. All calendars sold to U.S. individuals will benefit HRI.

Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your love for this breed in many ways. Your talent will grace our walls while the funds raised will give Havanese in rescue much needed support.
To purchase the calendar, please visit http://www.havaneseforum.com/Calendar08

2008  Havanese Calendar!

Sneak Peak- August


Meet Rocky!


Hi- My name is Rocky and I am five years old. My foster mom says that I am a gem of a dog and any family would be blessed if they adopted me. My foster mom also says that I have some quirks that make me unique; I just believe I was not taught any differently. Since coming to my foster mom's house I have made huge improvements and many of my quirks have gone away, however I am holding on to a few. If you come at me too fast I get scared and hunker down. I am just not sure what you are going to do, but as soon as I know that you are just going to ruffle my dude hair or put a belly band on me I then get excited and shake my butt like you have never seen.  And yes you read correctly. My foster mom will not let me lift my leg at her house. She puts a belly band on me. Most of the time I keep it really dry but every once in awhile I forget and want to claim something in the house as my own. My foster mom said I have made huge improvements but I will most likely keep this quirk. It's my special one.

I seem to get along with everyone -- older kids, dogs and cats. But if you have birds I might not be right for your house, I just can't help myself. I want to play with them so badly.  (Did you know that a African Grey bird gets really mad if you climb in their cage? They will yell NO at you over and over!)
Well thanks for listening and if you think I would make a great family member, please fill out an application!

I gotta go play with the birds now, they seem lonely.
Your Pal,
Cocoa is still looking for his forever home!

Three year old Cocoa is a chocolate Havanese mix (probably Havanese-Poodle cross)  every bit as sweet as his name. He has the wonderful Havanese personality. This handsome boy loves everybody! "Strangers" never got entered in his dictionary.

Cocoa thrives on attention. He loves sitting on your lap, snuggled up like a baby and will even fall asleep that way. Talk about a heart melter! Cocoa is happiest lying right next to you, but he'll settle down by your feet. Though he wasn't given much training in manners in his previous home, he loves to please and is excited to work for treats.

Cocoa is leash trained and loves a good walk. Better still, Cocoa is house trained. He will use a doggie door or go to a regular door. He isn't a barker but he lets you know when he needs to go out.

Cocoa needs a female canine companion to keep him company when his human family is out. He would love a home where he can have lots of human attention.

Meet Missy!

Missy appears to have had a rough start in the world, though much of it remains a mystery. She evidently was used for breeding. Then, seized from her owner by the police, Missy was left in a shelter. Blind due to juvenile cataracts, this was a difficult environment for Missy. She was not considered adoptable through the shelter.  

Missy is currently in a loving foster home and recently underwent surgery to remove the cataracts and hopefully restore the vision in both eyes.

Missy is described by her foster mom as a very loving girl, a little "love sponge." She is especially fond of the men in her life. Maybe a forever family with a "dad" to pour on the love is in Missy's future? Regardless, with HRI's help, Missy's future looks much brighter.

Need a great gift for that special Havanese Lover?
Tribute Donation Certificates are now available on the HRI web site. Simply make a donation to HRI in honor of that special someone for Christmas, their birthday, or any other occasion. Then print the certificate of your choice, add names, and give a gift of caring that any Havanese lover will appreciate.

Certificates are in Acrobat pdf format and can be printed in color or black and white. Available are: In Honor Of, In Loving Memory Of, In Recognition Of, In Celebration Of, a Special Holiday Version, and one version just for you, to recognize your much appreciated generosity.  Donor names will still be posted on the web in our Heroes section.

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