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July 2007

Words From The President

Happy Summer to everyone! I hope that you are enjoying fun, relaxation, and time with those who make you feel happy, including, of course, your Havanese.

This summer holds special excitement for many people in the Havanese world. Next month our National Havanese Specialty will be held in Denver, CO. Some of us in HRI will be fortunate enough to be able to attend and have the opportunity to be with friends we rarely get to see. These are people with whom we have formed a strong bond while working in rescue. We quickly found that in our hearts we are the same, and we are like you. We share a love and commitment to our Havanese.

This circle of friends continues to grow because of our wonderful volunteers and loving, adoptive families. With the growing number of dogs requiring the care of rescue, HRI is blessed by the strength found in this dedication.

If anyone is able to attend the Specialty we would so enjoy seeing you. You won't be able to miss us as HRI will have a table there with lots of fun things to see and buy. Our magnificent Garden Helper quilt will be on display until the drawing on Saturday, Aug. 18th, the last day of the Specialty. This is a handmade quilt lovingly created by our volunteers for the benefit of our rescues. Each square is an original, Havanese related design. There's still time to enter the drawing (please see the ad below for more information). We greatly need and ask for your support. As of now we have raised only $2,000 - significantly less than last year's total of over $9,000. This is our major fundraiser for the year, our single largest source of revenue. The funds donated towards the quilt are used completely for our rescue dogs and their medical care. And, unless you are the very lucky winner, all donations to the quilt are tax deductible as HRI is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

On behalf of all of our beloved Havanese, I thank you for being there.

Stacy DeJoseph

In this issue
  • Adoption Corner
  • Letters Home: Dagny
  • Don't forget the party!
  • Changing Lives: Our Lu
  • Last Chance to win this beautiful quilt!

  • Letters Home: Dagny

    I don't believe in coincidence.
    In order to understand how Dagny came into our lives, you need to understand a little bit about her Mom. I used to have a fast-paced corporate job in NYC. I loved it; for the longest time I couldn't see myself doing anything else. I had the perfect career. I worked full-time in corporate travel for a really fun company. I taught an aerobics class one night a week at a local gym in Westchester County, NY. I had fun at that job too.

    Then somehow the years began to pile up and the corporate job got more stressful than fun. I decided to leave and ended up spending a lot of time at a local park, sorting out my life, trying to decide what to do next. It was there that I met El Duque. El Duque was an all-white Havanese, and his owner, Steve, was nice enough to let me play with his dog every time I saw them at the park. I fell in love with this dog. I dragged my husband to the park one day, in an effort to introduce him to my new little friend. Scott thought that El Duque was great, and I vowed, right in the middle of my mid-life crisis, that one day I would get myself a Havanese. You see, I had always wanted a dog, but my lifestyle prohibited it. I believed one day, when the time was right, that I would have a dog to call my own.

    Years later, I saw an ad while watching the Westminster Dog Show. It was an ad about shelter dogs that tugged at my heartstrings, and I simply started crying. I turned to Scott and said, " I really want to adopt a dog. But I really want a Havanese." The next day, I searched the internet: Havanese, Shelter Dogs. I was surprised to see that there was a Havanese Rescue Organization. I got so excited that I logged off and called Scott, totally forgetting to fill out the application. Once we filled out the application, we were contacted by Karen Grant (who is an absolute angel) about a dog that she thought would be a great match for us. The dog was being fostered by Mary Falcone. If Karen is an Angel, then Mary is a Saint. Once we were approved, we excitedly went to go pick up Dagny. She was all I had ever hoped for and more. She has some issues; the place she was at originally specialized in neglect, and so she feels the need to be with us constantly. We don't mind. We love having a new little furry friend in the house. She brightens up our lives, and we have not been the same since the day Dagny entered our home. I still go to the park sometimes, but I have not run into Steve. Perhaps Steve served his purpose, and that little commercial was broadcast at precisely the right moment in our lives. After all, I don't believe in coincidence. I look at Dagny and I think that all is right with the world.

    Debby and Scott

    Don't forget the party!

    Where: Denver, at the National Specialty hotel in "The View" room, right next to the front desk
    When: Thursday, August 16, 7-10 PM
    Who: You and friends
    What: Finger foods and Cash bar.

    HRI will be holding our reception to see our HRI friends and acquaint others to our organization. We will have a DVD of our rescues, directed raffle, the HRI rescue pendants depicting a rescuer and pup, the Garden Helpers Quilt and tickets. There will also be some new HRI gear with embroidered logos (see photo!)

    In addition, on Friday and Saturday we will have the HRI booth in the judging area. Stop by! We'll have some very special items for sale and more information about HRI and our dogs in rescue. The beautiful Garden Helpers Quilt will be displayed until the drawing on Saturday after classes end. Tickets will still be available, so don't miss an opportunity to win this quilt and help our dogs in rescue!

    And, a special treat, at least four of our wonderful rescue dogs will participate in the Rescue Parade on Saturday, time unknown as yet.

    Changing Lives: Our Lu

    On the occasion of Lu's retirement as President of HRI, we wanted to write a tribute to her. How do you honor someone who loves purely, is naturally giving, and is talented enough to organize a moon landing and then write an account of the event which tells the story to everyone as though it were a poem? All this, mind you, while raising an exemplary daughter and carrying two jobs. It's impossible to believe!!
    But it is Lu, our Lu, Lu Wyland.

    She weathered the challenging stresses of HRI's beginnings. While under fire, rescue had to begin again, to start from the ashes and create a new organization while continuing to save the dogs that people turned in in increasing numbers. Looking back over the past several years, the growth of HRI has been incredible - 1200 people read our newsletter, there are 150 volunteers, and over 100 dogs have been saved, renewed, and have been happily rehomed! Is it not amazing?

    It is also just a part of what Lu does, is doing, and has done. She is a gifted leader; intelligent, loving, practical, and kind. She visits nursing homes with Gracie, her therapy dog. She evaluates children with severe problems for Public Schools in Wisconsin. She takes her dogs, the puppy mill replica she built, and printed material to Pet Expos and fairs to educate people about puppy mills. She works weekends at different pet stores for a dog food company. She writes. She has two rescue dogs who have each had very tough beginnings and needed her special touch. She created the www.theyreallkeepers.com (They're All Keepers) website and compiled the Small Breed ID chart (a wonderful, useful tool). She inspires and she leads HRI. Her accomplishments seem endless. Fortunately for us, she has always made herself available for countless phone calls to talk to prospective adopters who want to know where they can pick up their housebroken rescue puppy this afternoon, people who needed to turn dogs in who needed a sympathetic ear, and all of us who needed some advice and guidance on how to handle a situation that had arisen - which happens quite frequently in rescue! We have benefited from all of her wisdom, and we will continue to do so even though she has retired because Lu always seems to make time to help with problems and our dogs!

    We love you, Lu. You have mentored us, and we are blessed because of you. We are better for having you in our lives and memories and we just wanted to say thank you for all of your time, boundless energy and guidance you've given us so freely - you're a difficult act to follow!

    Last Chance to win this beautiful quilt!

    The Garden Helper Quilt

    Drawing to be held: August 18, 2007 at the HCA National Specialty Denver, CO

    You get one free ticket and then we request a $5.00 donation for each additional ticket. The Garden Helper quilt is the only quilt that benefits Havanese Rescue Inc.

    All mail-in & PayPal entries must be received by Midnight August 8, 2007. No purchase necessary to win. Winner need not be present. Winner notification by E-mail or phone. If you do not win the quilt, you may deduct your donation from your 2007 income tax as a donation to a 501(c) 3.

    http://www.quilt.havaneserescue.com/drawing.htm l

    You may click on the quilt to enter the drawing.

    Adoption Corner

    Bistro & Cookie

    Bistro, 6 year old male, is such a baby doll. He's a very happy dog with a great Havanese personality. He's good with other dogs and cats. He weighed in at almost 25 lbs about a month ago, but the vet said he was very muscular and, while on the larger size for a Havanese, is very healthy. He loves to play with toys, has had Puppy Kindergarten and loves rewards. He is house broken and very adaptable. His owner said that he wasn't crate trained, but he is now. He is so in love with his foster daddy - took to him immediately. He is so friendly that he has never met a stranger. Bistro has been neutered, micro-chipped, groomed, and is up-to-date on shots.

    Cookie is a 5 year old female who has a smaller frame than Bistro, but is somewhat overweight at 19 pounds. She's been working through exercise and diet though to help shed those extra pounds so that she will feel better. The vet said otherwise she's in good health. She's laid back until a knock at the door, or she hears another dog barking in the neighborhood. She loves tummy rubs and lots of loving. She's good with cats and other dogs, except for the ones that irritate her like one of mine does - we're working on that! Cookie has been spayed, micro-chipped, groomed, and is up-to-date on shots.

    These cuties are being fostered in North Carolina. They have been together their entire lives so we would like to place them together. If you would like to start an instant family, this might be the way to go!

    To Inquire about Bistro & Cookie...


    Adoption News

    Romeo featured in May has founds his forever home! However, Dulce is still looking for her forever home!


    This & That

    Upcoming HRI Events

    National Specialty Reception
    Thursday 7-10pm
    August 16, 2007
    The View Room
    Four Points Sheraton
    Denver, CO

    Help with Training?

    If you've ever wondered how to help someone with house training tips or wished you had links to a few good articles on introducing a new dog to your family, we have just the ticket! Take a look at HRI's Training and Behavioural Links. We have searched the internet for what we have found to be excellent sources of assistance for pet families.

    If you have a favorite website that deals with a behavioral issue, please write and let us know! We're always looking for good information to share with our friends and family.

    Your Rescued Havanese as a Movie Star?

    If you have any photos of a foster HRI dog or an HRI dog happily at home with his forever family please send them in an email to
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    so we may feature your Havanese in our upcoming video! HRI is looking for updated photos for its annual HRI video being featured at the Havanese Nationals.

    Newsletter responses!

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    Please realize that you do not have to foster or transport a dog to help HRI! We can use assistance in so many areas, so think about the talents you have and if they might be helpful to make many more of HRI's Happy Endings. One of our goals is to educate the public about Havanese and selecting a good breeder which means avoiding a puppy mill or backyard breeder, so if you're interested, look around in your area and see if there are any pet expo's or if your local shelter puts on an event to educate the public. Contact HRI for information to include at such events and for help in finding posters and photos for your education booth.


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    Curiosity really can pay off!








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