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June 2007

Words From The President

There is a joy in being part of a great organization and seeing it work well. Such has been my tenure as president with Havanese Rescue Inc. We now receive Havanese into rescue an average of once every 9 days. The dogs that come to us receive the health care they need, be it femoral head ostectomy that Baxter had on June 20th or dental care, including extractions, for 5 year old Cookie and 6 year old Bistro, other recent additions to the HRI family. And as you can see in the HRI Q&A in this edition, socialization and behavioral work is provided as well for our dogs that often come to us uncertain of where they fit in the world for one reason or another. Our foster families are a vital part of HRI.

Outside demands have made it extremely difficult for me to attend to all the needs HRI requires of a president, so as much as I have loved my work here, I'm leaving my term a little early. Stacy DeJoseph, our vice president will be acting president. She's been carrying a good bit of the weight of the job these last few months and I know HRI is in very capable hands with her at the helm. I plan on honoring my commitment to HRI and will stay on the board for another year as arranged in the Rules of HRI.

My heart will hold forever the footsteps of the dogs that have come through Havanese rescue. My life is all the better for the honor of working with HRI.

Lu Wyland

In this issue
  • Adoption Corner
  • Letters Home: Molly
  • Time to Party in Denver
  • Changing Lives: Karen Grant
  • Quilt Time is almost here!
  • HRI Q&A: What is it like to foster?

  • Letters Home: Molly

    Molly came into my life 3 months ago after a very long wait. Charlie(my 3 year old Maltipoo) and I couldn't wait for her to arrive. Her wonderful foster mom,Jennifer French, flew to New York with her and it was love at first sight. Molly had been in a puppy mill and had the most terrible life. I was determined to make it up to her and today she is a loving and beautiful friend who does not leave my side. It was hard going at first and took a couple of months of care, love and reassurance that I was not going to leave her. She and Charlie have become good friends as well as playmates. Everywhere I go people stop to admire her! She is quite the beauty with her white coat and chocolate eyes and ears. I could not have asked for a better friend. She sleeps curled up on the bed next to me and Charlie and doesn't move until I get up. She has adjusted to the noise of the city and to walking on cement and even though she is still on the shy side with strangers, she has come such a long long way and continues to improve every day. I have such admiration for Havanese Rescue and the work they do; they have been wonderful and supportive and helped me through the first few trying weeks. My hat is off to all of them!

    Janet Richter

    Time to Party in Denver

    The Board of Havanese Rescue, Inc cordially invites you to join them at a reception at the National Specialty on Thursday night from 7-10 PM. It will be held in "The View" room, which is right by the front desk of the hotel. There will be a cash bar and finger food available. The Garden Quilt will be on display. The rescue pendants will be available. There will be a preview of HRI logo items we'll be selling at the booth on Fri and Sat, and a wonderful Directed Raffle.

    Most importantly, we'll also show a video of our precious Rescue Dogs. (See the side bar if you are the family of one of our adopted Havanese rescues.) None of the money we have raised for the dogs will be used to pay for the party. The Directed Raffle tickets will be used for the costs. You are welcome to bring friends. We are proud to present HRI to people who don't know us.

    If you have something that you would like to contribute to this event, please send an email to newsletterinfo@havaneserescue.com.

    Changing Lives: Karen Grant

    Have a Havanese in a dire situation that needs rescue NOW (in the greater New York area)? All you need to do is call Karen Grant! She's up for the ride, for the helping, and if she had her own plane, she would probably pick up all of our fosters for us!

    Karen is one of those people who doesn't ask "how." Instead she asks "when" and makes sure that she gets it done. And as a bonus to the keepers of our records, she completes her paperwork so efficiently!

    Those fosters who are fortunate enough to make it to La Casa de Grant are in for a real treat. They have new friends in Ruby Bleu and Dimey, and a foster mom (and dad) who know just what they need to become the well-rounded Havanese they always were meant to be.

    Little did Karen know when she said "yes" that she would become one of our busiest State Contacts within a very short time, and she rose beautifully to the task. Thank you for all your hard work Karen - as a foster mom, a State Contact, a transporter, a helper to volunteer processing (and any of the other chores we've asked of you!). You truly are changing some Havanese lives.

    Ursula Bassolino

    Quilt Time is almost here!

    Another magnificent quilt is being finished as this is written. The drawing to find a "forever home" for the HRI Garden Quilt will be held at the HCA National Specialty in Denver, CO, on August 18, 2007. You won't want to miss entering the drawing for this one...it's a masterpiece! If you won't be attending the national, you can enter the drawing here: http://www.quilt.havanesere scue.com/drawing.html

    Don't wait until the last minute to enter! You might forget and miss your chance to win!

    Plans are underway for the 2008 quilt, but we NEED quilters! Do you sew? Are you willing to learn? You don't need to be an expert quilter to participate. Many of us did our very first quilt squares for the rescue quilt project. It's fun and rewarding and other folks are more than willing to share tips and tricks! Come and join us on the Quilt Project Yahoo list! You can find us here:
    http://www.quilt.havanes erescue.com/instructions.html

    Michelle Burke

    HRI Q&A: What is it like to foster?

    I was one of those people that signed up for fostering and then wasn't able do it for a long time. I always had an excuse. A family crisis, selling our home and moving, and I wasn't sure my male Dimey was up for it. He's my own personal rescue and never had a true Havanese nature. A few months back, we were lucky enough to be blessed with our first foster, Sasha! It was the most rewarding and uplifting experience for my entire family! By day 2, Sasha had broken thru Dimey's "barrier" and they wrestled like polar bears. My two side neighbors have each told me that they so enjoyed watching the three dogs' antics every morning from their kitchen tables. Without Sasha, Ruby & Dimey are old farts again LOL.

    Sasha was a regular at the post office, the bakery, and the boat yard. She greeted everyone and everything with exuberance. While we were tempted to keep her, I knew that by placing her in her own forever home, we would have room for the next rescue. Her new mom calls me every Monday morning to give me new details on their life with Tiffany. They re-named Sasha in honor of my two, Ruby & Diamond! Her picture hangs on our refrigerator and if you mention her name, my furkids perk right up.

    I look forward to the next foster in our house. Because of prior commitments June through mid July is out, but after that I'm ready! Even if it means stowing one under my seat to fly to the Nationals LOL. I think every one of us that have been blessed with fostering a Havanese in need can promise you the most rewarding experience ever, not to mention what you bring to that pup's life. So, if you've thought about it already, now is the time to jump in and help. We really need you, or should I say, the Havs need you!

    Karen, Ruby Bleu & Dimey

    P.S. Did I forget to mention her flying leaps into my lap as I watched TV in the evening and smothering our faces with sweet kisses? Or her excitement at having her very own scrambled egg each morning? The pleasure of being able to dig deep holes in my backyard to bury her bones in and the hunt to re-discover them the next day? Watching this former puppy mill pup discover and savor life as it should be for each and every Havanese was probably the most enjoyable month of this past year for my family! Can you tell I miss Sasha?!

    Adoption Corner


    Are you ready for Havanese kisses? Get ready to meet me, Dulce! I am a six year old gal, current on my vaccines, spayed and I love to cuddle! I crave attention and would love to be the center of your world - in fact, I like being the one and only so much that I think I should be your only dog. That's right. After snuggling with me, you'll know that one dog can make your home complete!

    I am working on my housebreaking so my new family will have to be patient with me and help me establish a routine. I will probably backslide a while as I adjust. I haven't been around young children, so I would do best in a home with kids who are over 12. When it comes to taking a walk,
    I do well on leash!

    I am being fostered near Tampa, Florida and looking for my forever home.
    Maybe you're the one for me.
    To Inquire about Dulce...


    Adoption News

    Romeo featured in May
    is still looking for his forever home!


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    If you have a favorite website that deals with a behavioral issue, please write and let us know! We're always looking for good information to share with our friends and family.

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