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April 2007

Words From The President

At long last, Spring has won the tug of war with Winter. The warmer (and often wet) days have been enjoyed by an increasing number of Havanese coming into rescue to HRI. The dogs are adjusting well to their foster and adoptive families, enjoying the outdoor games of chase and runlikehell and the good times that follow back in the house resting on someone's lap or feet.

For a while it seemed we got requests for help for one pair after another. It led one of our intake volunteers to coin the phrase, "Havanese Rescue - where a pair equals full house!" What a loving full house it is with Havanese in our midst!

...Lu Wyland


In this issue
  • Adoption Corner
  • Letters Home: Lucie
  • HRI Education: Burlington Rescue booth
  • New Q & A Section
  • Do you want to share your rescue story with HRI?
  • Bumper Magnets!

  • Letters Home: Lucie

    It's hard to believe it's been a whole year since I came to my new home! My first home was good but I needed a little more excitement in my life. I sure found it with my new family! My dad is the greatest and I think he is my favorite. I always tell him about my day when he gets home and I let him sit with me in my new favorite chair. He has been teaching me lots of new stuff and always gives me treats when I show him how fast I can run to the back door when he calls me. I have a big brother named Bailey. I don't think he likes having a little sister very much but he does play with me sometimes and he always waits for me when mom lets us outside.

    I love to explore in my back yard and there are other dogs I talk to - mom says they are neighbors. We have some great neighbors, too. Our next door neighbor opened his van door so I could jump in with his kids - boy was he surprised when I kissed him! I'm getting to know everyone! I really like it here and I think I will stay!

    Kim Tufte

    HRI Education: Burlington Rescue booth

    Right: Nora enjoying a well earned massage after the rescue booth!

    It was a busy day at the Burlington Pet Wellness Expo on April 14. Many visitors stopped by the HRI booth to meet the ambassador for our breed that day, Nora, and to talk or ask questions about the breed, rescue and our display about puppy mills. With an increasing number of commercial kennels and dog auctions in Wisconsin, the issue is becoming more of a concern to animal lovers. Many people were surprised to hear there are numerous Havanese in various commercial kennels in WI. Education about not purchasing puppies from pet stores was shared, sometimes from visitors at the HRI booth talking to each other! It's heartening to hear from children and teenagers who have already picked up on the message. Often we've heard them that point out the photos or display to their friends while reminding them, "That's why you never buy a pet shop puppy!" Education does work.

    It wasn't all work and education for Nora, however. She was lucky enough to be sought out by Kristy of Animal Doctor Veterinary Clinic in Muskego, WI. Kristy is an animal massage therapist that met Nora at the Milwaukee Pet Expo. Nora got to finish out the day with a soothing massage at the Animal Doctor booth. What a great way to wrap up a long day at work!

    Lu Wyland

    New Q & A Section

    Above: Artie hugging Lu and thanking her for her hard work at the Havanese Rescue booth!

    This is going to be a new feature in the newsletter where we will answer questions that are asked by volunteers, contributors, and the general public.

    Q: How does a volunteer put on a successful rescue booth?

    Kathi Robertson is an HRI volunteer that has helped with many successful rescue booths so I asked her what she does to make them a success! Kathi conveyed that a successful rescue booth is in the planning. If you are able to gather a crew, that always helps! Lu, Sue, Lynne, Tony, and Angie have a regular booth in Milwaukee where they make sure to have a table and an x-pen for their dogs. Please note that the dogs there are not usually dogs looking for their forever home. The booths can often times be too overwhelming for a dog that just came into rescue. Many volunteers take their pets as a well-socialized Havanese can have a delightful time visiting and greeting.

    The dogs tend to steal the spotlight and gather people around the booth. Kathi found the x-pen to be easier than having the dogs visit on the table so that way they were able to go ahead and relax and take a nap in the corner if needed. The volunteers are then able to go ahead and talk to the visitors, hand out pamphlets, and still keep an eye on the dogs. Another point that is very important is to make sure you have HRI pamphlets, cards, website information out on the table. Many of the visitors can't pass up Havie kisses (who would?), so while they are covering their faces with sweet kisses, they can take the information and visit the website when they are home. Lu also makes sure to have on the table is information about choosing a responsible breeder, and puppy mills. This can often times save a Havanese from coming to rescue if the potential family is aware of where that puppy in the pet store truly came from.

    Kathi also noted that be prepared to answer the question of "A Hava What?" and go home tired but your work for the day will be very rewarding. You will get to spend time showing off your pride and joy, educating others, and helping other Havanese along the way.

    Amanda Brown
    I would like to thank Kathi Robertson for all her help in answering this month's Q & A.

    Do you want to share your rescue story with HRI?

    Above: Nora working hard at a HRI education booth

    HRI is always collecting letter's home, public education, and other Havanese Rescue stories. If there is a Q&A that you would like to hear about send us an email. Everyone loves to hear about foster dogs, see updated pictures also, and find out where HRI rescue booths are taking place. Please feel free to drop an email to
    [email protected]

    Bumper Magnets!

    Want to get the word out about puppymills but you don't know how? You may change a life just by sporting one of these magnets on the back of your car! Let people know where those dogs in pet stores really come from!

    HRI has magents available! The Havanese depicted on these magnets was rescued from a puppymill in February 2006. Although he nows lives a happy life with a family who loves him, others are not so fortunate.

    Thank you for supporting HRI and our efforts to end the suffering in puppymills!

    Adoption Corner


    Beautiful Sophia is about 12 years old, and most of her past is a mystery - all we know is that she was adopted from a rescue group about two years ago. When she was brought to her new home she was frightened by a much bigger dog. The next day, Sophia was given to the neighbors, who kept her until last month when she was turned in to HRI. Why did they give up such a sweet little girl? Theirs was a very busy home with lots of children's activities and they just didn't have the time to care for an older dog who needed lots of love and attention.

    Sophia is a healthy, quiet, and very sweet little Havie. Like any dog her age, she has a couple of special needs. Her eyes are getting a little cloudy and she gets drops every day to keep them moist. Although she's housetrained, she has occasional accidents if not taken out every two or three hours. She will be a perfect companion for someone who will pamper her and give her the cuddling and attention she loves so much. She is fine with other Havies but will not be comfortable around bigger and more active dogs or young children.

    We're hoping to find the right home for Sophia somewhere within driving distance of Northern Virginia.

    Bud & Louise
    (Sophia's Foster Family)

    To Inquire about Sophia...


    Adoption News

    We are thrilled to announce that the Havanese featured for adoption in our last issue, Zeus & Satchmo, have found their forever home.

    However, Perry is still looking for
    his forever home!


    This & That

    Upcoming HRI Events

    *HRI at Northwest Pets
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    First Saturday of every month
    at 12:00 P.M.

    *Muskego Annual Pet Fair
    S80W 18700 Apollo Drive
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    on May 19, 2007
    from 10:00 - 4:00

    * Dog Fest in Madison, WI
    June 10, 2007

    If you have an upcoming HRI Event that you want featured in the newsletter, please send an email to

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    You can use your curiosity to help HRI. How? Simply go to

    Look at the second box on the page that follows the words: "I'm supporting" and type in Havanese Rescue- HRI. Then click the button that says "Verify."

    That's it! Each search generates a penny for HRI. If 100 people do two searches a day, that's $2.00 a day for HRI or $60 a month and it costs you nothing.

    Curiosity really can pay off!

    Lost Pets

    We all take safe guards to make sure our dogs are safe such as using a harness rather than a collar that can be slipped, keeping our dogs on leash at all times, having pets microchipped, and keeping tags updated. Unfortunetly, events do occur, pets get scared, and even leashes break.

    Recently, I was out walking my pet havanese who is highly trained even competes in obedience. I had her on a leash but when she saw a fluffy squirrel, her prey drive kicked in and she ran after it so hard that the buckle snapped. She continued to chase the squirrel through many backyards with me chasing her. I used every command that I have ever taught her and she never once turned back to look at me. Thank goodness the squirrel finally went up in the tree and we found Dora treeing the squirrel. I told her to come and she ran back to me like I never said anything. I immediately praised her for her return but thought of what could have happend had my dog became lost.

    There are many steps you should take to make sure you are prepared if your dog does became lost even after safeguarding your Havanese. Make sure to visit the all the resources HRI has compiled on its we bsite. Also have your own Havanese Handbook filled out before an emergency should arise.

    Be sure to have recent photos of your loved one on hand just in case anything should ever happen-save some on to a disk for easy upload. HRI will add your Havanese's photo to the Amos Alert page should he ever become lost. Be sure to visit the site periodically in case a Havanese in your neighborhood needs help.

    One never knows what may occur to spook a dog so look at behavior links on the best way to get your dog to return and keep a folder of information where you or a family member can quickly access it.

    Amanda Brown



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