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May 2007

Words From The President

Welcome to another edition of News from Havanese Rescue, Inc. We continue to be busy with several special projects ongoing at this time. Work has begun on the 2008 quilt while the tickets are available for the wonderful garden quilt of 2007. See the article below for more information! Jan Smith, a talented artist, is sharing her vision and skills with HRI with a unique opportunity resulting in fundraising for the many dogs coming our way. You can meet two of our current dogs in foster care in this month's adoption corner.

Lu Wyland

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  • Adoption Corner
  • Letters Home: Bandit Boy
  • HRI: Art & Rescue
  • Changing Lives: Amanda Brown
  • Quilt Time is almost here!

  • Letters Home: Bandit Boy

    In the Summer of 2006, I began to think it would be nice to have a little companion because my Crickey-Marie had died in February. I scanned the Internet looking for a small dog that was in need of rescue. I found and contacted Havanese Rescue, Inc. and was told about a little fellow who had come across the world from Hungary. He had been in a pet shop without having been successfully adopted. Bandit was, at that time, in foster care with Bud and Louise Donner in Virginia. We communicated back and forth since I knew nothing about the Havanese breed. The Donners sent pictures of a gorgeous, bright-eyed, little 12-pound bundle of delight with a curly coat of black and white. He was just a year old.

    With little intention of doing anything, I picked up the phone just to see what Sky Miles could offer. Amazingly, there was a perfect schedule from Missoula, Montana to Dulles International which allowed me to arrive at a reasonable hour; stay a couple of days; then fly back to Montana. Emotions overcame me because who ever heard of flying across the United States to meet a dog? I am older and have respiratory problems, so I worried that Bandit might have too much energy for me, and, even at 12 pounds, he's a bit much for me to take in the cabin of an airplane when I travel. But, off to Washington, D. C. I went.

    The Donners met me at Dulles; took me into their beautiful colonial home, nestled amid a landscape of lovely trees and spaciousness. They've raised and fostered Havanese for years. The dogs have pretty much free reign of the premises, and yet the home was meticulous and right from a Home Decorator's magazine. It was the nicest vacation I've had in a long time. Bud Donner is a gourmet cook and Louise is an excellent artist and conversationalist. They are just about my age so we had a lot in common besides a love of animals. They had several full-grown Havanese, a brand new batch of Havanese puppies, a good old Golden Retriever, and then, sweet Bandit with his inquisitive eyes and mischievous personality.

    We decided it would be best to ship Bandit in the cargo hold, but the airlines said he couldn't fly until after the weather was cooler. So, I flew home alone and went through many emotions all over again. But, when the magic date came, the Donners took care of getting Bandit to the airport in the big crate. My cousin and I picked Bandit up at the Missoula Airport around midnight and even though the poor little fellow had gone 11 hours without a rest stop, he arrived dry and happy. Bud had sent him with a giant chew bone and we presented him with a squeaky goose upon arrival. To this day, those are still his best comfort toys.

    Even though Bandit is a small dog, he is sturdy and strong. He's also smarter than I am and he has a "vocabulary." Without any specialized training, he knows intuitively how to behave when I take him to the Nursing Home. Bandit is so gentle while still being independent and spirited. We drove from Montana to California in January and it was good to know that many nice motels now welcome pets. Since he loves to run, I drive to the reservoir ditch bank and let Bandit run like mad. Other times, we sedately walk in the park and feed the ducks. Many days, Bandit goes to the office with me where I still work part time as an attorney for the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes.

    I am truly enjoying this precious little dog who started out on the other side of the world and who eventually came to me from clear across the country. Havanese rock!!

    Evelyn Stevenson

    HRI: Art & Rescue

    Learn how you can create a beautiful image of your Havanese turning him into a logo or other artwork AND support rescue at the same time! That's right. The talents of Jan Smith are being shared with Havanese Rescue Inc. See more about this new fundraising opportunity that will beautify your life with transformed images of YOUR Havanese! Go to

    http://www.jashavanese.net/rescue.html for information on how to participate in this opportunity. Jan has created numerous logos for the Havanese Club of America and member clubs including the logo this year's national specialty! For more of Jan's art work please take a look at her artwork site .

    Changing Lives: Amanda Brown

    Foster mom, transporter, photo archivist, newsletter editor...Amanda Brown has done them all for the dogs of HRI. To list all she has done in these areas would fill pages, yet she doesn't hesitate to "volunteer" yet again.

    Since she first began volunteering with HRI, Amanda has willingly taken on many challenges and always does the task with a quiet flair. A team player, Amanda works well with other volunteers, sharing her experiences and knowledge to the benefit of our dogs.

    From the young dog who'd lived his life in the cab of a truck, to the shaved down abandoned Havanese at the shelter, Amanda has stepped up to help them on their way to the lives they deserve.

    Amanda brings new meaning to the phrase "well-rounded" when it comes to volunteers, and we're proud to be able to work with her to the betterment of our wonderful breed.

    You will have the pleasure of seeing more of Amanda's work at the Thursday night HRI reception at the National Specialty in Denver. Amanda has compiled and is producing another video of our HRI dogs.

    Thank you, Amanda, for your devotion, dedication, and help in changing lives.

    Quilt Time is almost here!

    Whimsical, beautiful and awe inspiring, this year's Havanese Rescue Quilt for HRI will take your breath away! All proceeds will go to help the many dogs that are served by HRI. A lot of talent and love went into this masterpiece. For more information, please go to our website by clicking on the quilt or begin at our HRI homepage.

    Adoption Corner


    Are you ready for Havanese kisses? Get ready to meet me, Dulce! I am a six year old gal, current on my vaccines, spayed and I love to cuddle! I crave attention and would love to be the center of your world - in fact, I like being the one and only so much that I think I should be your only dog. That's right. After snuggling with me, you'll know that one dog can make your home complete!

    I am working on my housebreaking so my new family will have to be patient with me and help me establish a routine. I will probably backslide a while as I adjust. I haven't been around young children, so I would do best in a home with kids who are over 12. When it comes to taking a walk, I do well on leash!

    I am being fostered near Tampa, Florida and looking for my forever home. Maybe you're the one for me.
    To Inquire about Dulce...


    Hi-my name is Romeo- I am a 2 year old Havanese who is living with my foster mom Pat in MO. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am here and looking for my forever home!

    I love anyone and everyone! My favorite part of the day is being the center of attention. I just love playing with people and being petted. Sometimes I am having so much fun, I forget to go potty outside. My foster mom and I are working really hard on this and she says I am doing a wonderful job. I have a doggie foster sister and she is so much fun! Did I mention I love anyone and everyone? I get along with cats too. For real fun though, I like chasing the little grey critters that live outside and run through the trees and dig little holes in the yard. My mom calls them squirrels. I love to chase squirrels! What a fun game. I never catch them though. My foster mom says that's okay.

    I will make a wonderful friend if you would like to adopt me. And if you want to keep squirrels out of your yard (or help them work off a few calories) I'm the Hav for you!

    Pat Potter & Romeo

    To Inquire about Romeo...


    Adoption News

    We are thrilled to announce that Perry has found his forever home! However, Sophia featured in April is still looking for her forever home!


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