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March 2006


Welcome to the Havanese Rescue, Inc. Newsletter. HRI has experienced explosive growth, both in volunteers, and in the dogs who need us. This couldn't happen without the help of so many. For example:

  • Thanks to Nancy Chretien for her wonderful care of Jack & Swiffer as they await their liver shunt ligations. You're fantastic!
  • Thanks to Lynn Nieto for her devotion to Spike, to Magic, and to HRI
  • Thanks to Ursula Bassolino, who has put endless hours into approving a record new number of volunteers!
  • Thanks to Kathi Robertson for her weekly update of new dogs coming in, those adopted, and families assisted to resolve issues!
  • Thanks to Michelle Burke for her expertise in getting our Volunteer database up and current, and for so much more!
  • Thanks to Lu for her efforts to get a 10% donation from the Blue Dog Training for DVD's purchased using the HRI Promotion Code.
  • Thanks to Ann Sherman, for agreeing to become the librarian for our DVD and book reference library for our Volunteers!
  • Thanks to all the new volunteers & adoptive families for loving our Havanese rescues.
  • Thanks to Dr. Center who volunteered to take the boys home to minimize the ICU costs to HRI
  • Thanks to the DVHC for their generous and spectacular display of the Havanese Rescue "Doodad" quilt, at the CLE and the Westminster Pre-Social in spite of a record snowstorm!
  • Thanks to all our donors. None of this would be possible without you!



in this issue
  • GCHC Fun Day - March 26. 1-4 PM
  • Chester Co PA Mill Bust - 335 dogs
  • Chonricles of Jack, Jill & Swiffer, Part 3
  • Friends of Spike - Money Tree

  • Chester Co PA Mill Bust - 335 dogs

    On February 10, HRI was notified of that the Oxford (Chester Co) PA home of Michael Wolff was raided and 335 dogs were confiscated, many in poor condition. Over half of the dogs confiscated by SPCA were Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, with the remaining half consisting of English Bulldogs, Papillons, and Havanese. As the owner is refusing to surrender the dogs to the county, the SPCA is retaining control pending Court proceedings. HRI has submitted the Breed Placement Rescue form and submitted our forms and 501(c)(3) as required. We were advised that once they have an order in place, we will be contacted. These cases can take months. Sometimes the judge will return some, all, or none of the dogs to the owners. We won't know what we have until the Court hearing. As we want to be prepared, anyone who may be interested in doing foster care, is requested to complete a Foster Care and Volunteer Application so approval is completed when we are called in to assist.

    Chonricles of Jack, Jill & Swiffer, Part 3

    Jack (pictured), Jill, and Swiffer are three purebred Havanese who were surrendered to HRI following a diagnosis of liver shunts. Their systems are unable to process meat protein, and the toxins build up in their systems. This can cause neurological symptoms such as circling, head butting, etc. Without the Hills L/D diet, specifically formulated for liver disease, the dogs generally become ill following each meal. It's only natural than, than many become anorexic, rather than go through that. Yet, once on the Hills L/D diet, and lactulose and metronidazole to help rid them of toxins, their appetite increases as they no longer become ill after each meal. Life, indeed, had become a daily struggle for them.

    Jill has shown considerable improvement on her Hills L/D diet. She does have a cyst on her kidney, which they are watching. Her Protein C test was 69%, which is slightly below the 74% and above considered normal. She is being maintained by diet.

    Early Monday, March 6, both Jack and Swiffer will undergo their ligation procedures, under Dr. Harvey's surgical team at Cornell University. While Nancy would love to be there to hold their paws, she's been assured that these boys have quite a fan club at Cornell, in part because they are rescue dogs, but especially because they are extra special Havanese. Keep them in your hearts and prayers, as they continue their journey to a healthier future. Watch for Part 4 of the Chronicles of Jack, Jill, and Swiffer next month.

    Friends of Spike - Money Tree

    Sometimes, the power of relationships in rescue is astounding! For instance, Spike is an older Havanese surrendered to a shelter by his owners. Rescued and fostered by Lynn Nieto, he was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. The bond forged between Spike and Lynn is heartwarming. Spike not only found his forever home with Lynn, but brought in Friends of Spike who donated a money tree to HRI in honor of Spike's loving nature. A very special thanks to Spike, Lynn Nieto, Joan Ambrose, Russ & Natalie Armitage, Andrew & Ann Barbaccia, Clement & Sandy Barnes, Nicholas & Ursula Bassolino, David & Pamela Bauer, Jeffery & Toby Biller, Cheryl & Joel Belcher, Mary Benell, Janet Carpenter, Mary Cerny, Susan Johns Di Frenz, Jimmy & Mary Dweyer, Robert & Charlene Edwards, Karon Fowler, Karen Peede, Gene & Connie Field, Jennifer French, Noelle Galperin, C. S. Hestenes, Ann Hilemn, Judith Jones, Susan Kelly, Joyce Koller, Julie Lasswell, Benjamin Lauterbach, J. . & Jamie Lerew, R. A. & T. C. Meyer, Kelly & Susan Murphy, Thomas Reed, Phillip U Claudie Parrish, C. David & Stephanie Penner, Lazaro & Rose Perez, Brendan & Cyndi Rust, Judy Sherer, Julian & Vicki Steinberg, Linda Van Kampen, Mary Robinson, Roland & Janet Wilken, an an anonymous cash donor for their tremendous support of Spike and of HRI.

    In addition, Adventure, a purebred Havanese who came into rescue, brought in Robyn Steward as a much needed volunteer. And sweet Ebbie, brought in Lee and Dale Podolan as dedicated volunteers as well! Thanks to each and everyone of you for your tremendous support!

    GCHC Fun Day - March 26. 1-4 PM

    On March 26, the Grand Canyon Havanese Club will sponsor their second annual Fun Day and HRI Fundraiser at "It's a Ruff Life Doggie daycare and Activity Center", 10640 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ , from 1PM - 4 PM. There will be a Clicker Training, Rally, and Grooming demonstrations, raffles, a Costume Contest, Best Havanese Trick Contest, Parade of Havanese, and a potluck dinner. Proceeds go to support Havanese Rescue, Inc. The 2006 Havanese Rescue "Doodad" quilt will be on display. This promises to be a fun event! Mark your calendars! Visit the GCHCC websie for details and RSVP.

    Grand Canyon Havanese Club

    Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.