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Savanna was the epitome of the Havanese personality: a quiet and
charming elder at 12 years young, who entered foster care with HRI upon the death of her long-time owner. She was bouncy upon waking, animated for her evening walk, gentle with babies and children, and happy to be a part of a family again. She adored her foster Dad and would wait patiently to share his toast and jam each morning. She was mesmerized by the ocean and enjoyed resting in the sun while her foster Mom gardened.



Savanna outlived her initial prognosis by many months. She crossed the rainbow bridge on Oct 4, 2013 in the company and love of her wonderful vet and foster parents. Savanna is survived by her brother Coco who is awaiting his own furever home.




A note from Savanna's Foster Mom in October 2013:


It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that my husband and I
helped Savanna across the rainbow bridge last Friday night. The cancer
took its toll very quickly in this last week, and although it was so
very hard, we knew that to wait was only for us, and not for her. I
imagined her being met by her fureverMom on the other side, with much
happiness and joy.

Savanna was a little pistol on leash and occasionally sparring with the vaccum.
But in all other ways, she was a gentle and calm little soul. A
pleasure to have in our home this past year. She loved our walks, was
mesmerized by the ocean, and adored my husband. His unwavering
devotion to her care this last week was inspiring.

Savanna was given a diagnosis in January of 4 weeks to 6 months. My
vet remarked that it seemed she was waiting for Coco to have a new
home of his own before she could go. And I like to think that she was


Savannah in CA


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