Named for the dred-locks he once sported...Marley is estimated to be about 2 years old and is on the small side, weighing in at 10.5 lbs. He is happy-go-lucky, friendly and outgoing and he loves EVERYONE (dogs, birds kids over 7, men and women ). He's very affectionate, a real kisser and he communicates with funny squeaky noises that make everyone smile.
Marley told his foster mom that he will be fine in a working home with other dogs or as an only pup if someone is home much of the time . Although we don't know anything about his background (he was picked up at a shelter), we're pretty sure that he was loved and well socialized because he really doesn't have any behavior issues.

He's more submissive than dominant...but doesn't have a timid bone in his body. He would probably make a great therapy dog because he's got personality. Marley just wants to please, play, eat...and get his belly rubbed! He's a velcro dog and likes to be front and center if any dogs are getting attention, but he's not possessive of food, toys, or people.
House trained and crate trained, he sleeps in the bedroom, on a dog bed with his foster sisters. His manners are really quiet good for a dog that was clearly "on his own" for some time. Marley wants potential forever families to know that he loves squeaky toys, bully sticks, and walks. He's got a prancy gait, & walks/ jogs a couple of miles everyday with his foster sisters. He's good in the car . Occasionally he does reverse sneeze/snort (many havs do) and he has some special "cough" syrup to help, but he's only used it a couple of times.

Marley has been identified as a Havanese, although we can't be certain because he has no papers, he definitely acts like a Havanese. He's a little short on hair right now, but we think he'll be darling when his coat is grows back.

For now, Marley is entertaining his foster family in Southern California. He will make an already loving home complete!


Marley in dreads!!!

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.