specialneedsiconzippy_head_shot2Sweet Pea arrived in the hands of HRI after her owner had a stroke, with some medical issues of her own.  She was fortunate enough to fall into the hands of a wonderful foster family who fell in love with her and decided to adopt her so they could continue to shower Sweet Pea with the special care and affection she deserved.

Even though her time with them was only three short years, Sweet Pea left behind memories of her very sweet, maternal and patient nature.  She was a lovely soul.  Sweet Pea met Molly at the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, December 26, 2013, at peace and wagging her pretty tail.

Sweet Pea was one pretty, sweet, loving, mellow and well socialized 10 yr old spayed Havanese. She was cream and champagne in color, with hints of gray and white and a coat that was on the curly side and cut quite short.

Sweet Pea was house trained, easy going, affectionate, friendly, happy and gave the sweetest little kisses. Her little tail was always wagging, she made warm, soft eye contact, and loved nothing better than to snuggle with you on the sofa. And she seemed to like men, getting all excited when her foster dad walked in the room! She got along with other dogs and reportedly with cats and kids.

zippy_sofa104-1When she accompanied her fostermom to the local Farmer's Market, she was swamped by little children and was just as calm and friendly as can be - that beautiful tail of hers just wouldn't stop wagging.

Although she was a petite build she appears obese. After testing, we now know that Sweet Pea had Cushing's Disease - her main symptoms were pot belly obesity, panting and a ravenous appetite. Other wise she did quite well. zippyleash_crop

Walks were difficult for her as she labored with exertion, so they were slow and easy, and she handled them better as time went by.


All in all Sweet Pea was a pretty perfect little girl that needed (and deserved) a lot of TLC in her golden years and HRI was so happy to able to start her on that path.

Sweet Pea was fostered in ID.


Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.