oliver_wy_faceFrom Ollie's adopter:Ollie in ID for Rainbow Bridge listing

My sweet first foster failure Oliver, ÔÇťOllie," passed away 3 months ago after a 2 year journey with CHF. He was 14 1/2.

Ollie was so sweet and affectionate and such a good good dog. He gave us 10 years of love and companionship.

I miss him so much but am at peace he is no longer struggling. He was my constant shadow.

Thank you HRI for lighting the way for this sweet boy to find his way to us. Ava


Oliver is a 3 yr old, neutered boy, velvety black and silky soft. He is a big boy and weighs 21-22 lbs., but is very nicely proportioned. Oliver is very sweet, calm, affectionate, friendly and polite. He knows how to sit, lie down, stay, shake, dance and rollover. 

 He gets along perfectly with other dogs, shares his toys and is not food possessive at all.


If allowed, Oliver will keep your feet warm at night, while you sleep.

He is housebroken, walks great on a leash, is an excellent traveler, doesn't mind a bath or grooming at all.

 Oliver is a typical sweet Hav and loves to follow you around and be very close.

There just doesn't seem to be a single thing wrong with Oliver ~ he is just a delight! Although, if we had to pick one fault, it would be his slight underbite. Which causes no problems what so ever.

Oliver was fostered in Idaho.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.