Ollie and Chelsey last Snapchat photo resized

Ollie in NY Face

I could live for a thousand years and would not find another dog like Ollie; he was truly one of a kind. Although heartbroken over his loss, I am grateful for every second that we (Sue, Chelsey and I) shared with him.
I would like to thank everyone at HRI, especially Siew Hwee, Bridget, and Tracie, for the opportunity to bring Ollie into our home and be part of our family in his final months. He was our first rescue from HRI and I promise you that he will not be our last.
Our daughter Chelsey loved taking Snapchat photos with Ollie. Enclosed is the last one that she took.
Ollie was not perfect, but he was perfect for us. I miss my little buddy so much.


Ollie is a really well-adjusted and overall healthy senior dog. He hears well and comes when called. He is able to jump up onto chairs or the sofa. He has had a grade 2 heart murmur for many years, but it has not progressed. Ollie gets along with cats and other small dogs and enjoys playing with the three other dogs that belong to his foster dad; however, he does not do well with big dogs.

Ollie in NY 2 resized eyes Ollie1 body shotOllie is house trained and leash trained. He is also crate trained, but he enjoys sleeping on the bed at night with his foster dad and the other dogs in the family instead of sleeping in his crate. Ollie does fine when his foster dad’s grandchildren come to visit. He will be a great addition to the family fortunate enough to adopt him.


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OLLIE is being fostered in NY.

The recommended fee amount for this dog is reduced because the dog is a senior and is eligible for our Senior Advantage Program. A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!


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