maggiefaceMaggie was recently surrendered by her owner in Oregon due to family and financial stress. She came into HRI with a severe bladder infection and is being treated with antibiotics. She loves to walk by and give anyone within reach a quick little kiss on the leg or hand.


Maggie Moo Magoo, as she is now affectionately called by her foster parents, is a wonderful little Havanese. Just 4yrs old and almost 14 pounds, she is just the right size and has a twinkle in her eye. She absolutely loves people and comes running when her name, or any of her nicknames, is called.

Maggie also likes to travel and rides well in the car. She is gentle on her leash and already knows sit, lay down, dance, shake and roll over (although she seems to prefer roll over or shake, and will offer either of these tricks if she thinks you need a chuckle). Maggie is indifferent to the kitty in her foster home, and gets along well with her foster brother, also a Havanese.maggie_moo_or_to_wa

Due to her infection, Maggie is suffering from incontinence, which her foster parents expect to resolve as the infection clears up. Maggie has adjusted very quickly in her foster home will make a wonderful companion to her future furrever family.

Maggie is being fostered in WA.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.