nitrous2Ms. Mikey is the BEST. She loves to greet you, sit with you, sleep with you and generally just LOVES be loved.

She is the best car rider and the best bed sleeper - never moves (hardly) - and she's not a huge barker either. Mikey is apparently housetrained and is presently learning how to use a doggy door.

We can not tell you enough great things about 6 year old Mikey. She is even good with the grandkids, but then, they are very good with her. She is very affectionate and likes to be near them on the couch.

She has gone through a lot of changes since being with her foster family and each day she is more and more comfortable with them.


nitrousShe gets along GREAT with the other dogs and loves to play and follow them about the backyard, exploring for treasures.




When she first got to her fosterhome, Mikey was one huge mat, and had to be shaved from head to tail. Once her hair grows out again Mikey will be beautiful! She has spectacular markings and is just beautiful inside and out.nitrous3

So far, her one bad habit would be that she takes her food all over; taking  5 or 6 pieces of food, bringing it where ever she wants, dropping it, eating a few pieces and going back for more.  It has been quite interesting to watch her. Such a quirky little character, she is.

Ms.Mikey is being fostered in WA.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.